December 5, 2009

After Long Time Again In Ljubljana

I spent last two days in Ljubljana (Capitol City of Slovenia), because I had to arrange few last things before I finish up with my diploma. Now I have to wait that the date of my presentation is set... I'm already nervous :S

Of course I couldn't missed out the opportunity (being in Ljubljana after long, long time), so I went in all beauty stores that are in the city :) I've bought few nail polishes - I finally got OPI LPAD and Russian Navy in Suede version, OPI MY Private Jet and Alessandro 291 and also few other things.

When this will be over, I'm going to start take pictures again, so I can show all my new stuff. In November I bought so many new polishes and they are all waiting to be published. And today I received a package with CG Robotika and Drive In in it (thanks to very nice girl with nick "Sillyblond" from forum Ars Cosmetica).

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Woah! So many goodies!! Can't wait for pictures!:)

  2. Can't wait for the pictures:)

    And I wish you good luck with your diploma presentation. It was just few monthst ago, when I had my presentation and I was nervous as hell;)

  3. I can't wait either to show you all my stuff :)

    @ Amarena: lucky you, that you are already done with it.

  4. I'm loooking forward to seeing your pics:P great haul yay!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that eyerything goes smooth with your diploma;)


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