December 26, 2009

Alverde Lipstick Swatches

Today I'm going to show you some Alverde Lipstick swatches. I have 5 Alverde lipsticks - Alverde is cosmetic brand by DM (Drogerie Markt) and it has the BDIH certificate for natural cosmetics. Between lipsticks I own is quite a difference - some of them (the more shimmery ones) are more dry then others and I can't use them without lip balm underneath.

The photos:

From left to right: 02 Shiny Terra, 16 Rubin Rot, 20 Apricot Rot, 54 Soft Coralle, 110 Soft Terra (order is the same on all photos)

I like the colours, but I'm not so excited about the texture of these lipstick. As I sad, some of them are quite dry.

Do you own any Alverde lipstick? Do you like it?

Thank you :)


  1. Soft coralle mi je najbolj všeč :)
    Bom morala pošnofat malo po D.m.-u ;)

  2. Ja, ta je tudi meni najbolj všeč - tak nežen in nevpadljiv odtenek. Je pa ta v srebrni embalaži, medtem ko so ostale šminke v zeleni embalaži, če boš iskala.

  3. Love the colors, but I'm not tempted since I don't like drying lipsticks.
    Great swatches.


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