December 8, 2009

Kiss Diamond Hard, Nail Strengthener - Review

Couple of weeks ago I was looking for my first basecoat. I have never used one before, but because of constant use of darker polishes and my nails that were getting weaker and kept splitting lately, I was forced to get something to fix my problems.
I was looking for something that is strengthener and basecoat at the same time, that is available in Slovenia and for good price.
After an hour or more standing before nail care shelf in my nearest beauty store (DM) and checking out all the products, I have decided to get Kiss Diamond Hard.

I picked this one because it fit all my upper criteria:
- can be also used as basecoat
- price 5,25€ for 15ml of product
- contains no DBP, Camphor, Toluene, Formaldehyde.

Here is what it promises:

Stronger Healthier Nails in Days!

Why Diamond Strength, Nail Strengthener
• Strengthening basecoat that instantly transforms your nails from weak-thin to 'diamond-hard'
• Enriched with real diamond particles - Stronger and healthier nails in days
• Instantly bonds to nails for a super-hard protective surface

Photo: KissUSA

My opinion:

- First impression: after first use I was satisified. Like the bottle and the shape of the brush. I applied two layers of this nail hardener and my nails became a bit shiny, all the splitters on the edges of my nails disappeared - like they were paste together and nails were stronger when I tried to bend them. After one day I applied coloured nail polish and it turned out that it works good as basecoat too - smooth application, no bubbles.

- After couple of weeks: Can't do without. I use it every two or three days, if I'm not wearing a coloured polish.

The only thing I don't like about it, is that my nail-tips become a bit more narrow - twisted in - in compare with the rest of the nail after using this hardener.

Do you use nail hardener and basecoat? Which one?

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  1. Hi!

    I tried the same nailpolish. However already the next day the nailpolish started to "drop off" the nails in scales. Do you perhaps know what I'm doing wrong?



Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate it :)