December 7, 2009

My Wish List

I've decided to write down my Wish List. I was kinda hoping that i would see and realize that I don't need all this stuff. But it didn't work... Now I want them even more *LOL*

Nail Polishes:
- OPI You don't know Jaques Suede
- OPI An Affair in Red Square
- OPI Bastille my Heart
- CG Khrome collection
- CG Romantique collection

Make Up:
- CS 88 Warm Pallete/ 28 Eye Shadow Neutral Pallete
- Zoeva Metallic Stone Pallete
- few good eye shadow brushes
- probably about hundred or more Meow Cosmetics & The She Space samples

This is it...for now. :D


  1. You don't know Jaques Suede is on my wishlist too.

    I'm planning to do some postings about good affordable brushes in a few days, maybe you can find some "inspiration" there :).

    It's so bad, that Zoeva has so expensive shipping rates to your country :(.

  2. Jaques Suede is really gorgeus...

    Can't wait to read about the brushes you recommend.


Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate it :)