November 26, 2009

Holiday News From Meow Cosmetics

Today I spotted new Meow Cosmetics Holiday specials - here is what they offer during the holidays:

Photos: Meow (all clickable)

I simply adore their products.

What do you think? Would buy them and which one's?

November 25, 2009

Tag: Hated Favourites

I was tagged by lovely Bluebell (thank you) to show my "hated favourites" products (products that you both - like and dislike at the same time). I only have two of them, because I usually give away those products that I don't like.

The first product is Shiseido The Makeup Stick Foundation. Beside mineral foundations, I like "stick" foundations, because they are simply practical, you can take them with you, they are very easy to apply and so on. After some research I decided to get this one. I got the right colour, it fits all my criteria, but it is so parfumed - really way to strong smell for my nose.

Photo: Sephora

And the other one is...

When I saw this Revlon Matte collection, I instantly fell for this look on the photo below. I just had to buy matte lipstick in "Nude Attitude" shade and matte eyeshadow "Riviera Blue".
Well, the lipstick is totaly wrong for my complexion/skin tone. I still love this look, just not on me, I guess... But I hope that I'll find the way to use this lipstick, because I like the colour so much. Maybe for next Halloween :D

Photo: Revlon

I tag:


Tamara from Cherry Colors

Cali369 from Polishtopia

November 22, 2009

New Template

I have changed my blog template, because the old one caused me quite amount of troubles.

Hope that you'll like this one :)

I am asking you to let me know, if there any inconvenients will appear. Thank you *

November 7, 2009

It's Coffee Time...

I love a cup of coffe or two a day. I enjoy in it's taste, smell and if I have time I make myself very special coffee. Especially in this cold wheather feels good to have something hot in your hands to drink.

Today I'll share with you my one of favourite recipes for coffee. I'm warning you, it's gonna be sweet :)

I call this one "Nutty coffee". Here is what you need (for one person):

- cup of hot coffee (bitter)

- about 100 or 150 ml hot milk

- big spoon or two (depend on how much sweetness can you take) of secret ingredient... Nutella :)

You put all this in a kitchen blender and blend it well. It is really important that coffee and milk are both hot, so that Nutella can really melt in.

Enjoy :)

P.S. Let me know if you like it or if you have your own recipes.