January 20, 2010

Some ELF Stuff And Few New Nail Polishes

I got some new stuff today, again :)

From lovely Lissa (at forum Ars Cosmetica) who was kind enough to take me in with her ELF order, I've received ELF Studio Contour Brush, Nail Polish in Sunset and Brush Shampoo.

And here are some polishes I got from nice girls from Ars Cosmetica forum - OPI, Wet'n'Wild and Essence.


  1. I have the contour brush too. What do you think about the nailpolish and the brush shampoo?

  2. I like the colour of nail polish a lot. About the brush shampoo - I'm going to wash all my brushes tommorow and do a small review.

    And how do you like ELF Studio brushes? I'm wondering which else is worth to buy?

  3. Thanks for the review, if the shampoo is available in Germany I will try it out. Mac's Brush Cleanser is so expensive.

    I have only 2 Elf Studio brushes, and 2 are ordered.
    But I love the Complexion Perfection Brush together with the powder. It's really great and you can really see the difference.

  4. You have ELF in Germany too? I think I'll have to move :D

    Well, my revievs are so dull, I always forget half the things I wanted to say...


Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate it :)