February 11, 2010

100 % Pure Haul And China Glaze Channelesque

My nails are super short at the time, because both my middle fingers are seriously splitted (hmmm, I wonder why exactly these two fingers?), so there will be no NOTD for some time.

But, I finally got to the post office today, where they were two packages waiting for me - one full of goodies of 100% Pure skincare products (they were 45% off on bbnatura web site) and the other with China Glaze Channelesque in it *yeeeey*

This is what I got:

Organic Honey Almond Mourishing Body Cream and Organic Coconut Nourishing Body Cream:

Organic Fuji Apple Shower Gel and Organic Honey Pear Shower Gel:

Organic Coconut Body Scrub and Strawberry Lemonade Organic Body Scrub:

When it comes to skin care, I'm trying to use "natural" or "organic" products and these from 100% Pure smell just amazing. Can't wait to try them...

And here is my new nail polish China Glaze in Channelesque (which is discontinued):

Thanks for stopping by :)

Song of the day: RHCP - Scar Tissue


  1. I bet those things smell good enough to eat. And congrats on getting your bottle of Channelesque! =)

  2. Yes, they smell just delicious - I was in Coconut heaven the other day. Yummy... :D


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