February 9, 2010

NOTD: OPI Meet & Jingle

I've been really busy these days, so I didn't even have time to do some blogging.

Here are my nails of the day with OPI Meet & Jingle from Holiday Wishes Collection. It's a medium red colour with such fine red shimmer in it.

Two coats and a top coat under different lighting:

And there is still so much snow and cold here in Slovenia. I can't wait for the spring to come...

Thanks for looking :)

Song oh the day: Oasis - Wonderwall


  1. Thank you :) I just love red polishes...

  2. That's such a pretty color! I applaud everyone who is brave enough to wear red on their fingers! I feel so uncomfortable doing it and I always admire other girls who do!

  3. Well, you know, I'm actually quite shy person in real life... But when it comes to red nail polishes, I don't know... I feel bit more confident when I'm wearing one :)

  4. Very pretty color and it looks fantastic on you.


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