February 16, 2010

Surprise In My Mail :D

Once again, elchy, my fellow blogger and very sweet girl, was the one who made my day...

I was very surprised, when there was a package in my mail today. I wasn't expecting anything, so I was even more curious what is in it. And when I opened it - there was a S-he nail polish 434 that was on my wish list for so long, Milka chocolate (I just love chocolate) and a very sweet note from elchy. Thank you very much :*

Who made your day?

Song of the day: Rob Thomas - Something To Be


  1. Yes, it is :)
    And the chocolate is already gone :D

  2. Lovely blog! :)

    Follow my blog and I follow your blog:


  3. Thank you for a compliment :)

    I stopped by at your site and you have a fantastic fashion blog!

  4. Upam, da sem ugotovila tvoj okus in da ti je teknila. :)

  5. O, ja si ;) Bila je slastna, le prehitro je izginila :D


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