February 16, 2010

Zoeva Blush Palettes

I have receiced an e-mail newsletter from Zoeva saying that they have two new palettes in their shop. They are blush palettes and the "Sun Power" palette is already on my wish list.

If they would just reduce their shipping costs to Slovenia, I would ordered one immediately.

Photo Credit: Zoeva


  1. The Blush Palettes look very nice. It's a shame that the sipping costs to slowenia are so high :(.

  2. Is this brand a US-based brand? I always feel like shipping outside the US is such a killer...

    Anyway the blush palettes do look nice...I like the look of the Fresh Pink one!

  3. Lovely colors. Fresh Pink is gorgeous. :)

  4. @ Bluebell: That is really a shame, but I just might buy one for my birthday in May :)

    @ Musicalhouses: I think it's a German Brand, at least the web shop I found is German.

    @ elchy: I prefer Sun Power, because my skin tone it's on the warmer side,so warm colours looks better on me.

  5. These palettes look really great! But I have to get a grip on myself, I have far too many blushes! :-) I would buy them otherwise, though!

  6. They really do look great and I totally know what you mean - I have them way to much too :D


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