March 15, 2010

New Members Of My Nail Polish Family

Here are some polishes I received last week thanks to very kind girls from Ars Cosmetica forum.

There are some more members - I received them today - and they are still waiting to get on family portrait and on my nails.

From left to right: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, OPI Have You Seen my Limo?, Nicole by OPI Shimmy Shimmer, Color Club Wild at Heart, Nubar Peacock Feathers, Avon Twilight Blue, Essence Nail Art Glitter Topper in 04 Carrie.

Thanks for looking!


  1. aaaaa :o
    kje si pa have you seen my limo dobila? <3 če se ga naveličaš ga z veseljem odkupim ;)
    drugače pa same super nove pridobitve =)

  2. hi! nail polish are beautiful! I'm really obsessed with OPI nail but do not sell here.

  3. Ful so lepi. Že komaj čakam fotke. :)

  4. Avon Twilight Blue! Hitro pokaži kakšen je na nohtkah. :)

  5. @ anček: Zmenjeno, če se ga naveličam, ti javim (če si ga ne boš že prej sama kupila) ;)

    @ Pili: I like them too. Maybe we can arrange some swap - I send you some OPI polishes and you send me some other brands that are available in your country :)

    @ Tassa: Hvala, se bom potrudila in čimprej spet nalakirala nohte.

  6. @ elchy: Velja, ga bom jutri poslikala :)

  7. oh my god! really? would be great to do an exchange ... but not which brands might interest you than there are here ... of cosmetics have ... essence, nyc, Bourjois, loreal, maybeline, sephora, claire's,...

  8. Pili, I will contact you about this swap via e-mail :)

  9. I have heard so much about OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, I want to see it!!

  10. Ooo komaj čakam swatche Nubarčka! <3 Najlepši je!!! :P


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