March 4, 2010

New Mineral Pigment Samples

I've been feeling a bit down and depressed last few days. Some sad things have happened and the weather it's just horrible today - rain and snow and cold. Brrrr...

The person who made my day yesterday, it's darksome. She is one of the nicest person I know (well, I only know her online, but she is always so kind to order me some mineral pigments and samples). And she is quite an artist when it comes to mineral makeup, check her blog.

She sent me not just the things I've ordered but she also sent some extra pigments and a franken polish she made. Thank you :*

Here are my very first Aromaleigh samples:

And The She Space samples:

Thanks for looking! :)

Song of the day: Queen - Love kills


  1. Koliko lepih senčk. Nam boš lahko pokazala svoje kreacije. Se jih že veselim :)

  2. Oh, I hope you're feeling better and that whatever is wrong will end up working out for you :)
    And wow to the pigments!!! Lucky girl!

  3. @ elchy: Ja, senčke so lepe, samo ne vem, če bom pokazala kake kreacije, rajši samo swatche :)

    @ Andreia: Thank you for your kind words *hug*
    I'll make some swatches of these pigments in near future.


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