March 8, 2010

NOTD: OPI Ink Suede

I'm a bit dissapointed about this one. In the bottle it looks a bit more purple, but on my nails and on this pictures it looks a lot like Russian Navy Suede. So, I'm not sure, if it was worth getting both.

On to the pictures:

Thanks for looking :)

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  1. it looks awesome on you!
    And if it looks purple in real life it is worth owning both ;)

  2. This suede finishes are so unique. I have the we'll always have paris and it's so pretty too!

  3. a agree with anchek :D especially becouse these dark shimmery colors look so good on you =)

  4. it looks great on you! I have it on my toes right now and I have to say I was a little disappointed, too! I find it a little too dark and not vibrant enough!

  5. thanks for the concern. Luckily, there's no valuable things that was damage.

  6. I want to run to the storee and buy this! It looks so amazing and I'm sure would be SO chic with a casual tank and nice jeans. :)

  7. @ Ashwini: Hehe :)
    I agree with you, I think it would be a great combination!

  8. Ej meni je genialen! Me ful spominja na jeans hlace....

    Jaz bi ga pa imeeelaa... <3
    Ga prodas? :D

  9. sem danes sprobala Ink in Russian Navy skupaj v eni manikuri in sploh nista tako podobna, sta pa res oba čudovita <3
    bom objavila, če bo zjutraj še v ok stanju manikura =)

  10. @ Tamara: Če se odločim za prodajo, te obvestim ;)

    @ Anček: Super, le daj, objavi primerjavo :)

  11. Awww OPI!! This colour is very pretty! I love your nails!


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