March 16, 2010

Swatch: Avon Twilight Blue

Here are some swatches of Avon's Twilight Blue.

elchy, just for you ;)

The bottle under natural sunlight:

Under artificial light:

Under natural sunlight:

I like this one a lot. It's darker blue colour with very fine light blue shimmer in it.

(all images are clickable)

Do you like it?

Song of the day: Billy Idol - Eyes without a face


  1. It looks awesome...especially on first photo of the bottle.
    my WL just keeps getting longer because of you :D
    it actually reminds me of OPI - Yogata Get This Blue =)

  2. You are the one who make my WL longer too :D

    This OPI you' ve mentioned it's still on my wish list, so I could send you this one to do a comparison, if you are interested?

  3. Čudovit je! Verjetno bo kmalu pristal na moji WL. :)

  4. If it looked all the time as on first photo ...

  5. Oh, I know... That would be even better colour.


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