April 9, 2010

Konad Attempt

Over this NOTD where I used Sephora nail polish in Raisin, I put some small "Konad" pattern (actually it's from the Essence image plate).

Girls from Ars Cosmetica forum where I participate, asked me several times to try Konad again. I tried once with all-over pattern and it was, mildly said, a disaster :D So I put those few image plates that I have into a drawer at the time and left them there for few months now.

Well, I gave it a try the other day. I picked those small patterns - butterflies on my ring finger and some flowers on my thumb. I used China Glaze nail polish in Stella, but it's not very appropriate for Konading I guess - the pattern isn't visible very good, because this polish is not thick enough.

It's no big deal, but this is first published photo of my Konad attempt :)

Have a nice day!

Song of the day: The Beatles - Help!


  1. it looks great- doesn't look like a bad attempt at all :)

  2. Tud meni zgleda čist simpatično. :) Bravo!

  3. Meni je težje delati tele majhne slikce s konadom. Mislim da ti je super uspelo. Še posebej za prvič.

  4. I think you did a great job. Love it!
    Konad Special Polishes do show up best but yours is nice.
    Hope to see some Konading EVERY WEEK from you. :)

  5. @ amusedPolish: Thank you :)

    @ Tassa: Hvala, upam, da mi kdaj uspejo taki vzročki kot tebi :)

    @ Nihrida: Hvala tudi tebi. Meni pa ravno ta veliki vzorci predstavljajo tak izziv :D

  6. @ susies1955: Oh, thank you for your kind words :)
    I'm following your blog too and like it a lot, just my profile picture is different from the one that appears among the followers.

    @ gejba: Thanks :D

  7. Hvala, mancina :) Začetek je... *lol*


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