April 11, 2010

NOTD: Essence Break Through

For the last two days I'm wearing Essence nail polish in Break Through. This one came out as part of Essence Fashionista TE, but I checked their website and it's written among other Colour & Go polishes from regular line, so there will be no problem of getting it, if you want to (there are some new shades available).

I had quite some troubles with this one - it was thick and kinda sticky. After two coats it was still uneven, so I had to use three. But on the other side it's a lovely purple and it has red micro shimmer in it (it's visible only on the first picture taken outside under direct sunlight, if you enlarge the photo).

Outside, direct sunlight:

Outside, shadow:

Inside, natural daylight:

Do you have any Essence Colour & Go polishes? How do you find them?

Song of the day: INXS - New sensation


  1. lepo ti paše.. pa tudi barva je prekrasna! <3

  2. Res je lepotec! :)

    Sama z lakci Colour & Go sploh nisem zadovoljna in sta v moji zbirki samo 2. Tud za tega bom raje, med drugimi znamkami, kak približek poiskala. :)

  3. @ KONADomania: Hvala :D

    @ Tassa: Jaz imam poleg tega še Fabuless, ampak tisti se mi ne zdi, tako težaven kot ta. Ko/če najdeš kak približek, poročaj :)

  4. Čudovito! Kot bi bili trije različni lakci. :)

  5. Woooww! I just love the color! =)
    Thanks for the review, I really love Essence make-up, in Portugal there are Essence to, but I never find the limited collections.


  6. @ elchy: Ja, tale ima več obrazov ;)

    @ Pop The Fashion: Thank you for your comment :)
    I love Essence products too - they are cheap and good. There is maybe a product or two that is dissapointing, but for such price...
    About LE's - they are quite hard to find here also, but when I find them, I simply buy all :D


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