April 28, 2010

Sophyto - Healthy Skincare For Life

Have you ever heard of Sophyto skincare products?

Description of Sophyto cosmetics from their website:

"The entire line of Sophyto organic skin care products contain an average of 95% certified organic ingredients by volume and is formulated in a manner that is believed to be healthier for the body and the environment; yet is results driven. Additionally our organic skincare products are:

FREE from petrochemicals and parabens
FREE from fillers and binders
FREE from artificial fragrances and essential oils
FREE from suspect processes such as nanotechnology

Additionally we only use biodegradable ingredients, recyclable containers and packaging, are Vegan and PETA registered for most of our products and we possess certified organic manufacturing licenses."


I have a perioral dermatitis and from time to time it gets worse, then again better. But I'm so tired walking around with redness and flecks on my face...

This an old photo of my PD areas.

I've heard many good reviews on their products, so I tought let's give it a try! I've bought Ultra Mild Silken Cleanser and Purify & Energise Super Bioactive Toner. These things aren't cheap, so they better work. I'm already over budget for my skincare product, so I wonder what will use instead of my shower gel, when I run out it? *lol*

For information: Cleanser cost me 22,90€ and Toner 25,90€ - I've never spent so much money on a facial toner before.


You supposed to use their products without using water (to rinse cleanser, just cotton pads soaked in toner) and the complete line, because the products have specific formula that work in conjuction with the other product for optimum results.

I'm already saving money for Multivitamin Skin Drops (former Skin Energising High Potency Concetrate), it costs 39,90€. That's a whole lot of nail polishes, I guess... *lol*

Have you tried any of their products? Or maybe have some other suggestions how to get rid of PD?


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  1. Tudi jaz imam včasih probleme z rdečico in flekci po obrazu in to še bolj kot pa ti. Poročaj kako se bo obneslo, me že dalj časa mika ta kozmetika, samo ko je tako draga. :S

  2. elchy, bom poročala. Upam, da se bo obneslo. Cena pa ja... :S

  3. sem preizkusila Sophyto penico, je super, vendar zelo blaga. koža je lepa po uporabi, ni razdražena, za kakšne večje sprememba pa je verjetno potrebna daljša uporaba.
    so pa tiste polifenolne kapljice res super zadeva, tonik je prav tako prijeten.
    edino cena je ovira pri toniku.
    za penico se je že našla zamenjava, kreme mi pa tako ali tako ne ustrezajo.
    upam, da ti bo odgovoarjalo. :)

  4. I've never used a cleanser before. My skiin is too sensitive!.I love your blog :) follow me please :D


  5. *S*, hvala za tvoje poročilo :)

    Tudi jaz upam, da bo delovalo. Mi je pa tale čistilni gel res dober zaenkrat - tudi mineralni puder, maskaro in senčke brez težav odstrani in me nič ne peče.

  6. Cassie, what do you use then for cleansing, only water?
    I used to like Avenne cleanser for extreme sensitive skin, have you tried it?


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