May 30, 2010

NOTD: Essie Lapis Of Luxury & Claire's Chunky Blue

My today's manicure sort of reflects the weather and the mood I'm in - rainy and blue :)

I'm wearing Essie Lapis of Luxury from their Resort Collection, 3 thicker coats (grrr, this one is runny and after two coats totally un-even) and on my ring finger is Claire's Chunky Blue (blue polish with gorgeous blue shimmer and silver glitter in it), 2 coats (thank you, Tiffani).
See, I didn't even go for layering this time... Well, only my ring finger has something blingy on it, but that doesn't count... *lol*

Thanks for stopping by!

Song of the day: Billie Myers - Kiss the rain


  1. love the way you aplyed it, really nice and the colors are awesome, thx for sharing ;)

  2. oooooooooh love the color :) pretty

  3. mhhh- I'm lemming claire's chunky blue now ^^

  4. Oba lakca sta mi zelo všeč. Res je čudovita kombinacija. Kar malo popestri manikuro. Ti pristoji. :)

  5. @ liloo: Thanks for the compliment :)

    @ Sara.H: I agree, it's pretty colour ;)

  6. @ amusedPolish: *lol* I recommend this one ;)

    @ elchy: Hvala!

  7. Meni je ta manikura čisto prečudovita! :) Sploh tiste bleščice dodajo piko na i. Čigave pa so?

    P.S. Bila si taggana:

  8. @ Helena: Hvala :)

    Tiste srebrne bleščice in moder shimmer so v Claire's Chunky Blue laku - je tak prav poseben lak tole :))

    Pa hvala za "tag"!

  9. I love this on you! I might just do this today, too!!!! :) I'll post pics if I do!

    The Claire's Chunky glitters are pretty, eh? Glad you like!
    (I have more coming to you soon!!!)


  10. @ Tifanni / yardsticks 4 lunatics:
    I love this one, it's something special, thank you again :*

    Can't wait to see your manicure :)

    Oh, even more polishes? You really shouldn't... I'm still in heaven because of these you sent me :D

  11. čudovita kombinacija! popoln par:) pa tudi pesem dneva mi je zelo všeč:)

  12. @ KONADomania: Hvala! :)

    @ Gejba: Thanks for your kind words, it means a lot to me :)


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