June 11, 2010

NOTD: China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic

This one was on my wish list for ages and after seeing it at Krex, I decided to order it immediately.

It's a beatiful shimmery peacock blue shade and it was released as a part of *Rodeo Diva* Collection for Fall 2008.

I apologize for lousy pictures and sloppy application, but I've had too many iced coffees today. It was very hot outside and I just couldn't stop drinking it. Because of such amount of caffeine my hands were all shaking and I guess it wasn't a good idea to paint my nails at that time... *blush*

Anyway, here it is. I used two coats, pictures were taken outside.



Thank you for stopping by and have a nice weekend!

Song of the day: Faith No More - Easy


  1. nikjer ne vidim da bi bile sledi tresenja rok ;)
    odtenek je res prekrasen, kot nalašč zate! <3

  2. Na nobenih slikah me še ni prepričal, ampak na tvojih izgleda prav mamljivo. =)

  3. I love this color... real beauty!
    Like the pictures, too, nothing wrong with them :)

  4. @ Nihrida: Uh, to pa je kompliment zame! :))

    @ Makeup & More: Thank you very much :)

  5. Krasen je! <3

    Pa nohti so tud že precej daljši (saj lepi so bili že prej). :)

  6. @ Tassa: Hvala za te lepe besede! :)

  7. This is one of the prettiest polishes I own. You made great swatches.

  8. @ Gejba: Thank you very much for these flattering words! :)


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