July 22, 2010

NOTD: Alessandro (mini) 253

For the last couple of days I've been wearing Alessandro nail polish number 253. It's one from the mini series.

What we got here is a shimmery coral shade. Nothing special, but the golden shimmer gives that something extra to it (I'm a sucker for shimmer, but you all know that by now :D ).

Here it is:

It's going off today, because I've got so many new make up goodies and nail polishes and they are all waiting in line to be tried out :D

Song of the day: Tracy Chapman - Fast car


  1. Fuuul je lep in super ti paše. Nohtki so pa že uau dolgi in lepi. :)

  2. This one reminds me of an OPI color. I think it's name is big bright color :)

  3. @ Sarah B.: Do you think they are similar? That would be great, because I have this OPI on my wish list... :)

  4. I have some coral polishes but only cream polish. Coral shimmer is beautyful too !!

  5. @ Saori: Corals are very nice, especially in the summer :)

  6. Lep lakec! Opažam, da rada nosiš koralno barvo, a ne? :)

  7. @ Ana: Ja, dobro opažaš, zadnje čase so mi res všeč tile koralčki ;)


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