August 7, 2010

LOTD: NYX (Girls) Round Lip Gloss In Peach & The Most Delicious Pralines

This morning I went shopping with my friend and I just wanted to show you what I was wearing on my lips. It was Nyx (Girls) Round Lip Gloss in Peach. I like the way it looks in the tube, but I was a bit dissapointed about how sheer it turned out on me.

Here it is:


I also wanted to share "The most" delicious pralines I've eaten so far - Lindt Fioretto Nougat pralines. I found them the other day when I was in supermarket and had craving for something sweet.
I must say - OMG is this yummy, delicious and I was in chocolate heaven while eating it. But it's quite pricy. There are only six pralines in one box, so I only ate one praline per day. I wasn't sure, if I'm gonna make it eating just that single one, but I did :D

Have you tried this pralines yet? What are your favourite sweets?

Song of the day: Chumbawamba - Tubthumbing


  1. Hello Biba!
    The lipgloss looks very pretty! And I want one praliné! (I loooveeee pralinés x) I never tried these Lindt ones)


  2. This gloss is quite sheer on me as well. :(

    OMG those pralines look amazing.

  3. Wow, I don't know Fioretto at all! I might buy this for my mum she love those kind of things. :D Lindt is definitely making AWESOME milk chocolate.

    I rarely eat sweets but here we have Cemoi and they make "Amandinas". Do you know these? This is an almond coated with milk chocolate and coated with pure cacao. It's delicious and ... pretty addictive actually. :D

    I like it when they're sheer but I understand why you were disappointed by the gloss. Are those NYX lipglosses comfortable?

  4. @ Ana Rita: Thanks for stopping by! I'll send you one praline ;)

    @ Gina: Yeah, too bad about this glos... :S

    Oh, they are amazing! Yummy! :D

  5. @ jellynat: Your mom should definitely try these.
    You're so lucky, I could eat sweets every day...
    These almond you're describing sound delicious too! I love nuts covered with chocolate. Maybe we should do sweets swap... :D

    Their Mega Shine glosses are great, much better than Round ones.

  6. This gloss is so pretty =)
    I love it ;)
    I love chocolate! Yummy :D


  7. Even though it's sheer it looks pretty anyway!


Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate it :)