August 8, 2010

More Blog Awards For Me :)

I must say, I'm always very happy and honoured when I get a blog award :)

Lovely Sara Hassan awarded me with these two awards - Sunshine Award & I Love Your Blog Award. Thank you so much, Sara! :*

Because I already received them here: Sunshine Award and I Love Your Blog Award, I won't be doing the post again.


Next award was given to me by another very nice girl - Clau from My Fashion Choices. This time I got One Little Sparkling Blog Award. Thanks to you too, Clau!

Rules are following:
- Answer one question: What do you like the most about your own blog?
- Pass this award on.

So... What do I like about my own blog? Hmmm... This is hard... *thinking*
Well, I just like to blog and write about the things I like, whether is about nail polish or chocolate or something completely else. And I just love to hear from all of you who takes time to read my post and has an opinion or a thought to share. So, I guess, I like my followers the most :D

I'm giving this award to:
- Camy's Nails
- Let's Talk About Beauty
- Nail Art...i Colori dei Sogni
- Polish Drop
- PolishPig


Have a nice day!


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