August 19, 2010

Nail Mail!

I'm super excited about new polishes in my stash!

Yesterday my swap package from Jessica at Polished Lyrics arrived. Just look at these pretty, pretty polishes she sent me! My very first Barielle Shades, Finger Paints, Sally Hansen polishes and more...

I can't say how much thankful I am to you, Jessica. You are very generous!

NOTD photos are coming soon! :D


And I've just received my mini Essie order:
- Demure Vixen
- St. Barth's Blue

Thanks for looking!

Song of the day: Razorlight - Wire to wire


  1. Great swap! That bottle with the flower s just too cute :)
    Where did you order Essie? Čarodejka?

  2. @ KONADomania: I know, that bottle is really cute. :)
    Yes, ordered them on Čarodejka. St. Barth's Blue had discount.

    @ Maestra: Se strinjam! :D

    @ Lalica: :))

  3. Oooo, s kako lepimi nohtki boš hodila naokrog. ;) :))

  4. So glad you love all your new pretties :)

  5. @ Sarah: I know! :)

    @ Sarah B.: Oh, yeah! :D

  6. @ Tassa: Hihi :))

    @ Vesna: Sploh ne vem, kje naj začnem... :P

  7. @ Jess: Oh, yes I do! I love them! Thank you :*


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