August 10, 2010

NOTD: Essence Pointbreak & Joy 386

What I have for you today is Essence Pointbreak from Surfer Babe TE.

I have to thank to Gejba from Parokeets to get me this one, because this Trend Edition was very hard to get (it was sold only in few drugstores).

Pointbreak is a beautiful dark grey shade with creme finish. I used 2 coats:

I've decided to upgraded this one a bit, so I've added a layer of (Vollare) Joy 386. This is a clear base with pink, purple and bronze micro-glitter flakes in it. The final result was that Joy 386 somehow "killed" the glossiness of Poinbreak and gave slightly visible glittery effect:

(you can click on the picture to see the glitter particles)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a nice day :)

Song of the day: Queen - You don't fool me


  1. Yeah love the glittery effect on the second pic :)

  2. I really wanted this one, but unfortunately our dm's skipped this one :(

  3. @ liloo: Thank you! It's hard to noticed the glitter, but it's there :D

    @ Ana: Hvala! :)

    @ Lendoxia: Our DM didn't carry this TE either, so I was very happy that one lovely girl bought this one for me.

  4. mm i need more greys in my life.. i only just started to fall in love with them. i love your subtle glitter

  5. @ Pretty: Me too! I didn't even like grey polishes so much until just recently :))

  6. Lepo! Prva verzija mi je nekoliko bolj všeč. Imaš pa že dolge nohte!

  7. @ elchy: Hvala! Meni pa je oboje všeč, se ne morem odločit za eno :D


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