August 13, 2010

Sophyto Skincare Part II - Update

Those of you who are with me for a longer period of time probably know that I have Perioral Dermatitis. I've already blogged about the Sophyto products couple of months ago when I started using them and about the condition of my skin at that time HERE.

I'm still using Sophyto's products regulary every evening. Only now I'm using Tone & Balance toner instead of Purify & Energise one. As an additional care I've used Multivitamin Skin Drops for some time. I'm really pleased with these products and I think that are worth of their price.

Here is how my skin looks now:

The chin is still red and a bit problematic, but all in all I think that results are quite good compared to the picture in this post.
I have to say though that my skin usually does look better in summer anyway than during the winter and spring season, but it was never this good as it is this year.

Song of the day: Queen - Under Pressure

I've been listening to the Queen's music non-stop for the last week or so, in case if you were wondering...


  1. Res fenomenalno izboljšanje! Sophyto je res super znamka, če nebi bila tako draga bi si jo pogosteje privoščila :/

  2. Zelo lepo kožo imaš in PD se komaj vidi. Pa čisto brez mozoljev. Super. Ja, Sophyto je res zakon, tudi sama sem navdušena nad kvaliteto izdelkov. :)

  3. @ darksome: Jaz bi kar vse imela, če bi bila bolj cenovno dostopna, ja...

    @ liloo: Thanks! :*

    @ Tassa: Uh, hvala! Ja, se strinjam, Sophyto izdelki so res super :)

  4. res krasno izgleda! super se ti je izboljšalo!

  5. @ KONADomania: Hvala, sem tudi sama kar vesela :)

  6. Res se ti je izboljšalo. Tudi jaz opažam izboljšanje, odkar uporabljam penico za čiščenje. Imam bolj mehko in gladko kožo. Bi imela še tonik in kremico, sam je res predrago in imajo druge stvari prioriteto. :D


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