August 27, 2010

Swatch: NYX Nail Polish in Jungle & Paradise + Giveaway Winner

I made the swatches of two NYX's nail polishes yesterday.

Here is Jungle, 2 coats:

This one has looked sooo promising in the bottle... I like the colour, I do. But I was a bit disappointed about how sheer this one is. I usually don't mind visible nail line (with some shades), but here, I don't know. I feel that nail polish in this kind of colour should give a full coverage. I added the third coat later, but it didn't help much. Too bad :(

The second one is Paradise, 3 coats:

Oh, what can I say... So sheer even after 3 coats. Nope, not really my thing either...

My dissapointment with these two polishes has vanished this morning, because I received a swap package from the sweetest lady with whole lot of beauties. I'll show them tomorrow :D


I still have to announce the winner of my giveaway... Congrats, boonDY! :D I'll send you an e-mail a.s.a.p.

Have a nice day!

Song of the day: Bell, Book & Candle - Read my sign


  1. Yaay, great way to start a day! Thanks a lot for this wonderful news. It's the first giveaway I have ever won! ^_^

  2. Meni sta oba prečudovita! <3 In seveda čestitke nagrajenki. :)

  3. I love NYX Jungle =) And congrats to the winner! =D

  4. Such a shame that it is so sheer!
    It's a lovely color!
    Maybe layering over a nude would give better results?

  5. I can see you all prefer Jungle...

    @ amusedPolish: Thank you :*

  6. It does look awesome in the bottle, and it does look pretty on your nails.

  7. @ Phyrra: Thanks, you're really kind :)

  8. jungla je nora!!! hihi res se nemorem načuditi, kako ti katerikoli odtenek in finiš dobro pristoji! =)

  9. It's a shame it's sheer. Can't wait to see your swap package!


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