August 25, 2010

Tags & Awards

I'm a bit late on doing this post, but anyway I'm doing it today. I wanted to do some swatches, but the weather here is very cloudy and it's been raining ever since I woke up this morning.


A while ago I was tagged by Nihrida to do a tag called 4 Things Tag. I have to answer the following questions and tag 4 people.

4 things in my bag/purse:
- wallet
- cell phone
- car keys
- handkerchiefs

4 favourite things in my room:
- computer
- bed
- books
- telephone

4 things I always wanted to do:
- get a tattoo
- travel around the world
- go to a rally (as a copilot :))
- skydiving

4 things I'm currently into:
- buying to much earrings lately
- nail polish
- eating tons of ice cream
- looking for a job

4 thing I bet yout didn't know about me:
- I keep buying skirts, altough I wear one every two years (maybe)
- I would like to have my own online store with cosmetics once
- I'm a loner by nature
- I never let anyone drink out my favourite cup

4 songs I can't get out of my head:
- Tracy Chapman: Fast Car
- Queen: Love Kills
- Mi2: Pornoromantika (Slovenian Band)
- Noisettes: Never Forget You

I tag:
- Binara
- Geeo
- Necessary Nails
- PinkNailBlog

This was fun! :D


Second, I was given "Happy 101 Award" by next lovely ladies: amused Polish, Pink_Diamond, Sarah B. and shazzii. Thank you all :*

1. Post who gave you this award.
2. State 10 things you like.
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers.

10 things I like (you already know what I'm going to say):
- nail polishes
- other cosmetics
- my friends and family
- chocolate
- coffee
- cats
- music
- blogging
- all of you
- ice cream

I tag:
- Elchy
- Ivana*
- Lorraine Nails
- Nail Scrapbook
- Lalica
- Nicoletta's Beauty Space
- Parokeets
- Tassa
- Yesterday's Nail


I also received One Little Sparkling Blog Award from my fellow bloggers: Krex at Krexi Nails and Ana at Ana na S. I have already accepted this award once, but I wanted to mention and thank to this two lovely girls :)

Thanks for looking! :)


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