September 14, 2010

My 2nd Lily Lolo Order & Swatches

Couple of weeks ago I discovered Slovenian web store called that sells Lily Lolo products along with some other brands. I blogged about my first order at them and showed you the swatches of the Lily Lolo e/s I ordered at that time HERE - altough that post is in slovenian language only (because this webstore kindly offered my slovenian readers 15% discount code, I made that post in slovenian language), you can check out the swatches I made anyway, if you like :)

Well, I coudn't resist that discount, so I made the second (tiny) order. Here are the products I got - I ordered and paid for Lip Gloss in Raspberry Crush, samples of Translucent Silk & Flawless Matte Finishing Powders; there was also Chocolate Fudge Cake mineral e/s in my package that was sent to me for free:

Here is the Raspberry Crush Lip Gloss on my lips - it's a pretty pink shade with golden shimmer in it:

I was really excited about the eye shadow, because it's really interesting and more complex shade that I have expected - it looks like brownish purple colour with purple/blue sparkles in it in the jar...

...but when I made the wet swatch on my hand, I got to see this awesome blue sheen. On the left is Lip Gloss in Raspberry Crush and on the right is a wet swatch of the Chocolate Fudge Cake e/s:

Do you have any Lily Lolo products? How do you like them?

***Disclosure: The product(s) in this post were sent to me by a company or PR for consideration.***

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  1. Nažalost, ništa nemam od njih a čula sam samo pohvale :)

  2. Meni pa ravno glos ne sede, še dobro, da ga nimam.
    Ampak zaključni pudri (tako mat kot slik verzija) so superca, pa tudi s pudrom sem zadovoljna, če odmislim da je odtenek napačen.
    Do nadaljenga sem zvesta njhovim zaključnim pudrom. Glede pudra bomo pa videli, če bo Porcelain dovolj svetel zame.

  3. @ Ana: Hvala :)

    @ the redhead: Meni so vsi izdelki, ki jih imam, zelo všeč in se pridružujem pohvalam. Pa če ti bo katera senčka zelo všeč, ti lahko pošljem sample ;)

  4. @ Gone2Rehab: Se strinjam glede zaključnih pudrov, super so!

    Puder bi tudi jaz kakšen preizkusila, me mika. Po drugi strani pa sem trenutno res zadovoljna z BellaPierre pudrom, tako da ne vem, če bi kaj novega imela :S

    Pa tudi tebi lahko pošljem vzorček kakšne senčke, če ti je katera izmed teh, ki jih imam, všeč in je še mogoče nimaš :)

  5. Ojoooooj kako je Chocolate Fudge Cake lepa senčka! Bi jo takoj imela! :D Zelo lepe swatche si naredila. :)

  6. I have the Apricot Smack lipgloss, I like it a lot. A wearable peachy tone with subtle gold shimmer. I'm not usually into peach-toned makeup, but Apricot Smack is neutral enough to look good on anyone.

  7. I've never tried any Lily Lolo products, but they seem to be great! I'll see if I can find some to test...

    I love discovering new brands!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  8. @ Oda: Thanks for stopping by! This gloss sounds great too - golden shimmer and I'm sold :D

    @ Beauty Addict: Yeah, they are great. I like every single product I have so far :)

  9. I have no product of that brand.
    It is nice lip gloss.
    By the way very soon I will upload photos of a prize won in your giveaway and then post photos on my nail polish and shimmer on my face: P

    A kiss precious, a nice day :)

  10. @ Salisha: I hope you'll manage to get some of Lily Lolo products someday, because they are great!

    I'm so happy you like all the items you won :)

    Have a nice day too :*


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