September 9, 2010

NOTD: China Glaze Cherry Crystal

I've been a bit grumpy lately... It's so cold, rainy and dark last couple of days and my mood apparently matches the weather.

I though that a pretty shimmery red nail polish would make me feel better. Well, I'm still grumpy, but at least my nails look good :D

I'm wearing China Glaze Cherry Crystal that I got in a swap with lovely Annie at Nailstah. It's one of the old ones, I guess, because it's not a "nose-friendly" polish (it has quite strong smell). It's not a unique shade, but I like it anyway and it was on my wish list for long time (if you are with me for a longer period of time, then you know - if it's red and shimmery, then I like it).

Here it is, 2 coats (photo was taken outside, no sun):

How are you doing these days? ;)

Song of the day: Aerosmith - Crazy


  1. It´s a pretty red :)

    I like your "Songs of the Days" ;)

  2. Like this colour so much. I like shimmer reds the most.


  3. Leeeep! <3

    Ja, to vreme tud meni ni kaj preveč všeč. :P Pa saj za vsakim dežjem posije sonček, ziher bodo še lepši dnevi. :)

  4. @ Binara: Thank you! I'm really glad you like this music addition to my posts :)

    @ Andreja: Thanks, I like reds very much :)

    @ Tassa: Hvala! :)
    Preveč mrzlo je postalo in to kar naekrat :S

  5. @ Lalica: Hvala ti :)

    @ krex: Thank you! :)

  6. That color is wonderful! I have no enamel China Glaze, hopefully one day have the opportunity to try one.
    Here the days are rainy, but still not very cold and now came the sun, but will soon be safe because clouds move at every turn.
    Courage! and I hope to see more beautiful nail polish around here:)

  7. It's nice color. I like China Glaze polishes. You have two awards on my blog :)

  8. Prekrasno! Tako lak kot tvoji nohti! <3

  9. Ajme, krasan je! <3
    Već dugo nisam neku crvenu nijansu stavljala, morat ću :D

  10. @ Salisha: Thank you for your kind words :)

    @ Lunatica: Thank you very much for the award! :*

    @ liloo: Have you shown the picture of it on your nails yet? I'd love to see it on you :)

  11. @ 3ate4 & Camy: I'm glad you like it :)

    @ Ivana: Oo, hvala :)

    @ the redhead: Hihi :) Potem pa hitro kakšnega poišči in ga daj na nohte ;)

  12. Thanks for following my blog.
    I find it nice to meet foreign people even though I have to use the translator :)

  13. The song of the day is one of my favorites!
    This looks like red wine...I love it! :)

  14. Hi Biba, I love red polish and this one is very beautiful like cristal, so lacquered, love it !! I understand why you wanted it since a long time !!

  15. @ Salisha: No problem. I agree, it's nice to meet other people in the blogger sphere :)

    @ Ria: Uu, I'm glad you like it. It's a beautiful song :)

  16. @ Saori: Wow, I really like your description of this shade! I'm not that good with words ;)


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