September 30, 2010

NOTD: Essence Plum Perfect

Maybe "Nails of the Hour" would be more appropriate title for this post, because that's how long my manicure lasted...

I put Essence nail polish in shade Plum Perfect from their Colour&Go line on this morning and about an hour later I was off to grape-gathering at our wineyard. I think there is no need for further explanation what that did to my manicure! *lol*

I really don't know what kind of colour is this, but it sure doesn't look like plum to me. Is it pink, purple? Berry, maybe? Help :)
I do know that it's smooth and easy to apply. I used 2 coats, but I could probably use just one, if I were more careful.



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Song of the day: Gary Moore - Cold day in hell


  1. This looks great on you! Reminds me of their Verry berry. I'd say it's berry or dark pink, if that makes sense :D:

  2. Tale je eden izmed mojih najljubših oddtenkov=), ampak sem se tudi jaz že spraševala od kje ta "plum". Zelo lepo ti pristoji, škoda da je po nekaj urah moral stran =(

  3. @ Nuša: O, hvala! Sem vesela tvojega kometanrja :)

    @ Blu11: Thanks, you're so kind! I'd say it's berry too :D I'll filed it under berry, yes.

    @ Tassa: :))

  4. @ Nihrida: Hvala :*

    @ Pao*: You think so? :D

    @ colorfulbottle: Heh, ja, pri tem imenu jim je malo spodletelo *lol*
    Pa hvala!

    @ Toesthattwinkle: Thank you very much for the compliment! :)

  5. Love this color & beautifil on you !! I wonder if I have this one ?? I think yes :)

  6. @ Saori: Thanks, dear!
    I know it can be hard (at least for me) to know which polishes do you already own, if you have big stash *lol*

  7. Wow, tale ti pa super paše na ten. Se mi pa zdi čisto barry barva.

    BTW, dve blog nagradici te čakata na mojem blogu. :)

  8. It looks great.I think it's a cherry berry one!It's not a berry but it has some cherry red in.
    Love it anyway!

  9. @ Ria: *lol* Love your description! :D

  10. Čudovit je in lepo ti paše. Res le škoda, da je zdržal tako kratek čas na tvojih nohtkih. :)

  11. Prekrasno izgleda :)

    Imam i ja ovaj lak, ali na mojim slikama više izgleda crveno. Niti na slikama ali niti na noktima ne izgleda kao ovaj tvoj.

    Nije valjda opet Essence nešto petljao sa nijansama kao sa Underwater???

  12. @ Lalica: A res, precej drugače izgleda? Zanimivo... Čisto mogoče, da so pri Essence kaj zamešali. *lol*

  13. Savršeno izgleda! Mislim kako i ovu nijansu kupujem hehe :D :*

  14. Wow I love this color, not quite understand what you said because I use a translator, it is that changed color on your nail polish?

  15. @ Salisha: I'm glad you like it! :)

    No, it's not that kind of polish that changes colour on your nails. I just couldn't figured it out, exactly what kind of colour is this :)


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