October 5, 2010

Anniversary NOTD: L.A. Girl Rockstar - Punk

Wow! It's already been a year since I've started this blog...

At this occasion I would like to thank you all - for following me, for your kind comments and nice words. I've met some really great and sweet people here, in this blogging community. So, THANK YOU! :*


On my nails today is L.A. Girl Rockstar nail polish in Punk. It's a pretty duochrome shade - it's a dark blue base with light blue glass-flecked shimmer and most of the time looks like this, but under the certain lighting it looks purple. The duochrome effect is much stronger in the bottle than on the nails.

On to the pictures - they were taken outside, but it was raining so I couldn't capture the duochrome effect:

What do you think?

Hint: Every now and then there will be a small giveaway hidden in some of the future posts :)

Song of the day: Toploader - Dancing in the moonlight


  1. awwwhhh it was my first swatch on my bloooggg http://spookynails.blogspot.com/2010/06/dobry-start-good-start.html


    Your swatch is way better ;D

  2. Ooo, I NEED THIS!! :D Awesome! Btw, your comparison is done and published on my blog. :))

  3. @ Toesthattwinkle: Thanks! I agree :D

    @ sabbatha: How cool is that! :D

  4. @ Ulmiel: Ooo, super! Hvala ti! Že šibam brat... :)

    @ Phyrra: You have some gorgeous polishes, that I'm drooling to have! *lol*

  5. Omg, čudovit odtenek, ki ti super pristoji!

  6. Vidim, da se lak zelo dobro počuti na tvojih nohtih ;)

  7. @ hermetic: Hvala! Sem danes našla tvoj blog in te že spremljam ;)

    @ maRyya: Thank you! :)

    @ Nina: Hvala ti, res se :D

  8. joooooj ja sam se zaljubila <3 predivan je

  9. @ Lendoxia: Res je nekaj posebnega... Me veseli, da ti je všeč :)

  10. Hey happy bloganniversary dear Biba XD You chose a wonderful polish for this event, very nice !!

  11. @ Saori: Thank you very much for your kind words! :*

  12. Just a gorgeous polish. I had to buy that whole collection. This was my favorite of all.

  13. v Lucy: Wow, you have the entire collection? Cool. I only have 2 so far, but I would like two more :D

  14. Čestitam draga na 1. rođendanu! <3 <3
    Ovaj lak je prekrasan! Gdje kupuješ njihove lakove? :)

  15. @ Vesna: Hvala ti! :*

    Tega sem sicer odkupila od ene punce s foruma. Bom pa jih še tukaj naročila:


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