October 17, 2010

Blog Award, Chocolates & The Winner

How are you these days? I'm quite moody lately...


Beautiful Sarah B. at Look at Them Pretty Colors blog tagged me with "The Versatile Blogger Award". Thank you so much! :*

The rules are:
- I should tell 7 facts about myself;
- Tag 6 other blogs.

Huh, 7 more facts about me... Maybe these:
- I'm a morning person.
- I used to collect stamps, pencils, paper napkins...
- I'm short, really short, I'm only 1,55m tall (or should I say short *lol*).
- I love old rock music.
- I'm a loner by nature.
- People who don't know me, usually don't get my sense of humor.
- I have good memory for faces, but I usually forget the names very quickly.

Now I have to tag 6 bloggers...
- Ana na S
- http://www.beautyaddict.net/
- Binaras Blog
- Martian Delights
- Serious stuff about...
- Spooky Nails


While I was checking your entries for the 1st Anniversary (mini) Giveaway, I took quick picture of the Ferrero Rocher chocolates and then immediately ate them :D



And here is the winner of my 1st Anniversary (mini) Giveaway:

Congratulations, nihrida! I'll e-mail you asap.

There is still the 2nd giveaway going on and there will be some more! So stay tuned! :D

Song of the day: Elton John - I'm still standing


Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate it :)