October 4, 2010

EOTD: About Face Cosmetics/The She Space & Sweetscents

This is only my second EOTD post here. I've deleted the first one long time ago... So, I can't really say how long this post will actually stay published *lol*

The reasons I don't do this kind of posts are (altough I'm huge (mineral) eye shadow fan):
A) I'm no good at doing my eye makeup;
B) I don't know how to take a good picture of my eye makeup;
C) I really don't like to see my face on the pictures - my nails yes, my face big no;
D) I hate my eyebrows.

This is just a very simple day look I often do. Enough talking, here are the pics:

I used:
- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk as a base;
- About Face Cosmetics/The She Space mineral e/s in Cynical Fairy on the inner half of the lid;
- Sweetscents mineral e/s in Jardin on the outter half of the lid, in the crease and a bit above;
- Essence Maximum Definition Mascara.

Thanks for stopping by!

Song of the day: Guano Apes - Open your eyes


  1. Ajme, prekrasne oči imaš draga moja! :)
    Česšće stavljaj EOTD, molim te! <3

  2. Se strinjam z Vesno, res imaš prekrasne oči!

  3. meni so tudi zelo všeč tvoje oči in obrvi! *.*

    pa ne ti nam da ne znaš dobro z make-upom, tole je super! ;)

  4. Hvala vam, punce, za prijazne besede! *blush*

  5. Wow, navijam za to, da še večkrat objaviš svoj EOTD! Meni izgleda prečudovito. Prav tako imaš lepe obrvi in prekrasne oči. Rjave očke so mi najlepše, še posebej ker imam sama neko mešanico rjave, zelene in oranžne barve. :D

  6. Well I see your brows well, better than mine lol.
    The look is cute for everyday.
    What's it going? Study? work? I just started my fashion class and I'm very happy, I will return to me clothing, I have in mind an apron, a purse, a skirt for my mother, my grandfather a shirt and clear things for me, I drew sketches clothing, dress, skirt, jacket ...

    Kisses ;)

  7. @ Ana: Thank you :*

    @ elchy: Heh, hvala, v zadrego me spravljaš... :) Nikoli nismo zadovoljni s tem, kar imamo...

  8. @ Salisha: Hihi, thanks! :)

    I usually wear something like that when I have some errands to run or when I meet my friends for some shopping and afternoon coffee...

    That sounds great! You are really talented girl! I see on your blog that you make some beautiful creations :)

  9. I think you're being too critical of yourself. Photos are a bit dark, but it's probably due to the camera settings... I think you should give it more thoughts and try and find out what works for you, I am sure you will get more confident :)

  10. @ martianDelights: Thank you! I always like to hear the word of advice from someone that is far more experienced in this than I am :)

  11. Thanks, I am not that experienced, but if there's any question you want to ask, do drop me a line I'd be delighted to help :) x

  12. @ MartianDelights: I sure will, thanks again! :)


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