October 26, 2010

NOTD: OPI Over The Taupe & The 2nd Winner Is...

Currently I'm wearing OPI Over The Taupe. It's a brown/grey or taupe type of colour with creme finish. We can see a lot shades like this around lately.

About the formula - it was a bit runny and I thought I'll have to use at least 3 coats, but then I managed to get away with two thicker coats.

Here it is, picture was taken outside:

Are you a taupe fan or not? :)


Who is the winner of the second "Mini Blog Anniversary Giveaway"?

Congratulations, April! :D I'll contact you for your address.

Thanks for stopping by!

Song of the day: Orson - No tomorrow


  1. I can't wait to get my prize all the way from Slovenia! Thanks so much!

  2. @ Ana: Se strinjam! :D

    @ April: I'll let you know, when I send your package. Hope you'll like it :)

  3. @ Jackie S.: Yay, April! :D

    @ Ana na S: Me veseli, da ti je všeč :)

  4. S taupe odtenki se ne morem odločiti, ali so mi všeč, ali ne, definitivno pa nisem fanatična okoli njih. Imam From Dusk To Dawn, verjetno tudi Clay-ton My Hero pade v ta sektor, in se mi zdi, da kar pokrijeta moje želje okoli taupe odtenkov, niti ju ne nosim pogosto. Sem bolj fanatik zelenih odtenkov. :D

  5. super odtenek <3 ti prav lepo paše na nohtke!

  6. Prekrasan lak draga!
    Ja na noktima trenutno imam ChG Channelesque i oduševljena sam njime! <3


  7. @ Ulmiel: Jaz jih imam kar nekaj, za takrat ko ne vem kaj bi :)
    Aha, zeleni so torej tvoja šibka točka ;)

    @ .sparkle*: Hvala :D

  8. @ Maestra: Hvala! Ja, tokrat gredo čestitke April :))

    @ the readhead crafts: Hvala ti! Channelesque je tudi čudovit odtenek, lepši od tega OPI-ja <3

  9. That's a nice colour.

    There are many dupes for this type of shade, so those on a budget it won't be difficult to find something similar...

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  10. congrats April :)
    Yes I am a big fan of Taupe ^^ Love this color..


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