November 15, 2010

Avon Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner - Review & Swatches

Here I go again with this post...

Today I'm going to review and show you the swatches of my currently favourite eyeliners - Avon Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner. I have all six shades that are available in our country.

These eyeliners are soft (but this can be subjective), go on smoothly (no skin dragging) and are nicely pigmented. Even though mine are shimmery or should I say with micro-glittery particles, they are smooth - you don't feel any of those particles. They don't smudge on me and they are long lasting.
The packaging is also very practical - these eyeiners do not need to be sharpened, they come out automatically when you twist the upper part of the liner.

What's important too - they are suitable even for the clumpsy people when it comes to drawing a line on your upper lid - I'm one of them, so I can tell :D

I especially like to use them under my lower lashes to add some sparkles there.

Perhaps the down side is that even after removing this eyeliner there are some of the glittery particles left - I find them between my lashes even few days after I wore it.

On to the pictures...

The packaging:

And here are the swatches (images are clickable):

From L to R: Black Ice, Brown Sugar, Emerald Glow, Smokey Diamond, Sugar Plum, Twilight Sparkle.

Which are your favourite eyeliners? Please, do share!

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  1. Oh i love metallic eyeliners + shadows, these ones by Avon looks lovely esp the one in brown and blueeee!

    my fave eyeliner is Urban Decay Bourbon (can't buy it where i live, haha)...Revlon ColorStay eyeliner (can't buy it here either...) and then it's the Stila smudge pots!

    thanks for the swatches ^_^!

  2. Lovely swatches. The product looks promising. :) I don't use colored liners but I am hoping I could get these. :) these are so pigmented. :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. I swear by Essence longlasting pencils, best thing 1.70ish € can buy :D

    Hmm, če je tale avonov bleščičast, ne bi bil zame, ker so moje učke ultra občutljive na takšne stvari.
    Sem pa skoraj 98 %, da sem si naročila non-glitttery različico.

  4. @ Jennifer: I like the brown and blue the most too! :D

    Too bad that all those you've recommend I can't get here either...

    @ Sara.H: Thank you! They rae really nice :)

  5. @ Gone2RehabBRB: A veš, da se mi je zdelo, da nisi imela te verzije linerjev v mislih :)
    Ja, saj drugače imajo linijo teh svinčnikov tudi brez bleščic (brez "Diamond" v imenu).

    Teh Essence pa sploh še nisem preizkusila, pa sem že veliko pohval zanje slišala.
    Imam jih nekaj iz omejenih kolekcij, pa niso bogve kaj...

  6. Those look pretty! I love the UD 24/7 liners. The Avon Supershock Gel liners are nice, too.

  7. @ Phyrra: I'd love to try the UD liners! I read only good stuff about them...
    Those Supershock liners are the next to be ordered :)

  8. Hmm, zdajle sem ravno ga dobila in je Super Shock gel eyeliner. Tako da mislim, da ni isto. Preizkušam na waterline in pročam zvečer, če je obstojen.

    Ampak prvi vtisi so zeeeelo dobri.

  9. @ Gone2RehabBRB: U, Super Shock so menda še boljši! Te naslednje naročim... :D


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