November 6, 2010

NOTD: Catrice Lucky In Lilac

How are you doing? :)

I've finally become a bit more active, so I don't just sit around the house and feel so isolated anymore. I've already mentioned that I'm taking Italian lessons and have I also started to work out 2 times a week - I've joined to the group of ladies where we do some aerobics and pilates exercises. And must say I like it a lot.

What's on my nails, you say? It's Catrice Lucky in Lilac - beautiful creme lilac shade. Here it is, 2 coats:

Have a nice Saturday!

Song of the day: Script - Breakeven


  1. sem ful vesela zate, da si se pravila v svet in začela uživat v malenkostih.. nohtki? PERFEKCIJA! =)

  2. @ mancina: Hvala! Je bil že čas, ker tole ždenje doma ni več bilo za nikamor...

  3. Good for you! I'm planing to take french each fall, but I never do. Great pictures, yummy color and wonderful nails! :)

  4. This one seems to be very similar to Illamasqua's JoMina! When I first saw the thumbnail in my dashboard I thought, oh another post of JoMina, people must be into this polish lately :P

  5. Super za vježbanje draga! I za talijanski! :)
    Ja počinjem sa zumbom sljedeći tjedan, jedva čekam :D

    A ovaj lak je prekrasan! <3

  6. Tole je res popolno! <3 Barva ti ful paše, nohtki so pa itak za dol past... :)

  7. @ nihrida: Jap ;)

    @ Blu11: Thank you very much for your sweet words! Let me know, if ever start the French lessons ;)

    @ Sarah B.: *lol* Nope, it's "just" Catrice, I don't own any Illamasqua...

  8. @ Vesna: Hvala, res je bilo že potrebno, da nekaj naredim zase... Uuu, zumba se sliši super :D

    @ Tassa: Heh, pretiravaš... :P ;)
    Kje se ti skrivaš zadnje čase?


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