December 8, 2010

Essie Winter 2010: Hot Coco

Danes je na vrsti, da vam ga predstavim, odtenek Hot Coco iz aktualne Essie zimske kolekcije. Gre za t.i. taupe odtenek s krem finišem. Tovrstni odtenki so pravi hit zadnje čase in jih lahko najdete v skoraj vsaki kolekciji.

Sam lak po prvem sloju deluje nekoliko voden, ampak z debelejšim drugim slojem sem dosegla popolno prekrivnost. Kot ostali odtenki iz te kolekcije, je tudi ta zelo sijoč.

Today I'm going to show you the next shade from Essie's Winter Collection - it's called Hot Coco. It's a taupe shade with creme finish. Shades like this are very popular for quite some time now and you can find them in almost every nail polish collection.

The polish seems a bit runny after first coat, but with thicker second coat I managed to get the complete coverage. This one is very glossy too, just like the other shades from this collection.

Še slika / On to the picture:

So vam "taupe" odtenki všeč?

Are you a taupe fan?

Lak sem v testiranje dobila iz spletne trgovine Čarodejka.

***Disclosure: The product in this post was sent to me by a company or PR for consideration.***

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  1. @ Tassa: Hvala! :))

    @ Jackie S.: Yes, I think so too :D

  2. I don't think taupe suits my skin tone but it definiately does yours.

  3. This is so creamy... a perfect fall color. :) I love taupes with a twist - with a hint of purple or pink (ChG Channelesque is my favorite).

  4. this is a nice touch to the classic taupe =)

  5. @ Ash-Lilly: Thanks! :))

    @ Blu11: I like taupes like this too! :D
    I had Channelesque, but I gave it away. *silly me*

    @ Trincess: I agree ;)

  6. BE-AU-TI-FUL!! I love Taupes and this shade is right up my alley!


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