December 24, 2010

More Swap Goodies & NOTD: Claire's Twinkle Twinkle

I have more swap goodies to show you! :D

Lovely Erin at Persistently Polished blog and I did a swap recently. She is an awesome swap partner for sure! :) I was really surprised, because she sent me so many beautiful polishes that were on my wish list. Thank you, Erin!

I deliberately took a bit shady pictures that don't show you which polishes I got exactly, just to raise your curiosity *lol* You'll have to wait and see... ;)

It was hard to pick a polish to start with :D But somehow I've managed to decide and I've put on Claire's Twinkle Twinkle - glittery blue shade. I added three coats and here is the result (sadly, there was no sun, so it doesn't sparkle in all it's glory):

I do recommend a top coat with this one, because it dries matte and a bit gritty.


I wish you all Happy Holidays! :*

Song of the day: Chris Rea - Driving home for Christmas


  1. I love that claires bottle! Its so pretty! Wow what a great haul!

  2. @ Toestthattwinkle!: I know, really great haul! Just wait to see other beautiful polishes ;)

  3. Čudovite pridobitve. Komaj čakam swatche. :))

  4. I'm in LOVE with both of those Sinful Colors shades in the first pic.

  5. That's a great color on you! :D I was very pleased with my end of the swap, too. After all of the Christmas craziness calms down, I'll get down to taking some pictures! :)

  6. Super swap :)

    Vesele praznike tudi tebi :D

  7. @ Taya: Hvala! Se bom potrudila in čimprej poslikala :)

    @ Jennifer Leigh: They are pretty! :D

  8. @ Erin: Thank you very much, again! :) Can't wait to see your pictures ;)

    @ .sparkle*: Hvala! :D

  9. Ja sam se zaljubila u ovaj lak, prekrasna plava <3

  10. Ooooh lovely goodies!
    I like this color really much!
    Happy holidays to you too Biba!

  11. Those green sinful color looks really pretty!

  12. @ Ria: They are lovely indeed!
    Thank you :)

    @ KarenD: Thank you! This really was an awesome swap :D

  13. @ Soffio di Dea: Thank you very much! I hope you have nice holidays too :*

    @ Silence is Loud: Should I try that one next? ;)

  14. That was a great swap!
    I love doing those too...
    This Claire polish reminds me of a Barry M one.

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  15. @ JennTRC: It really is ;)

    @ Beauty Addict: I love doing swaps as well! :D
    Which Barry M do you have in mind?

  16. Wow, prekrasan ti je ovaj lak! Izgleda kao jedan moj tuš :D

    I swap ti je odličan isto, krasne lakove si dobila! <3

    p.s. Sretan Božić draga :*

  17. @ the redhead crafts: Strinjam se - zares je krasen ta lak in super swap! :D

    Upam, da si imela prijeten Božič! :*

  18. dobar swap,lak je krasan,jedva čekam druge swatcheve :-)
    sretan božič :-D

  19. @ nail crazy: Swape obožujem! Punce vedno izberejo krasne lake zame :D



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