December 28, 2010

NOTD: Barry M Instant Nail Effects

Over my yesterday's manicure - Orly's Winter Wonderland I applied a layer of Barry M Instant Nail Effects polish, which is actually a crackle polish.

Here is the result:

I still have to learn how to apply it more evenly. On my ring finger I had to much polish on my nail, so that's why a big black chunk of polish is left there *lol*

This is really fun to play with it! :D Can't wait for the China Glaze crackle polishes and all the various colours available in that collection.

What do you think?

Song of the day: Supertramp - The logical song


  1. This is a beautiful result! I am so anxious to try these crackle finish polishes, they look so nice!

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  2. @ Antoszewskia: I'm glad you like it! :)

    I already follow you, if you haven't noticed. So, please, don't link it back to your blog again ;)

  3. a šta da mislim? fantastičan je,hoću i ja takvoga :-)

  4. Jaz sem ravno danes dobila svojega in sem tako navdušena. Meni je zelo zelo všeč. <3

  5. Yaaaay, you saved Winter Wonderland for me! :D Super kombinacija! Joooj, komaj čakam crackle kolekcijo od ChG, čez tele shimmraste, glittraste in holo lake bo izpadlo no-ro!

  6. It's great, but I know what you mean about getting the right coverage. It would be nice if Barry M did more colours other than black though. Hurry up China Glaze!!

  7. We like that :o) I have that Barry M Crackle polish to. Looks nice with the silvery/gold underneath hon

    t x

  8. Tudi jaz komaj čakam na CG kolekcijo, se že kar nekaj časa mučim z vprašanjem kakšne kombinacije bi se dale naredit =)
    Tvoja kombinacija je pa seveda čudovita =)

  9. @ nail crazy: Moraš ga imeti, je prav zabavno! :D

    @ Maybe: Hvala :))

    @ Sara.H: I'm glad you like it!

  10. @ Taya: Tudi jaz sem čisto navdušena! :D
    Komaj čakam, da vidim, kaj boš ustvarila ;)

    @ Ulmiel: Yay! :D
    Tudi jaz komaj čakam na ChG crackle lake... To bo še zabave! *lol*

  11. @ Ash-Lilly: Yeah, I need some practice with this baby *lol*

    And I agree, it would be really nice, if they other colours too... Can't wait for that China Glaze collection! :D

    @ tracymiami: Thank you! I like it with silver and gold too :)

    @ colorfulbottle: To bo nešteto možnosti za kombinacije... Tudi jaz komaj čakam! :D
    Pa hvala! :)

  12. Super kombinacija! <3
    Js še nimam crackle lakca - ampak je že na WL. ;)

  13. @ Ivania Santos (Diamond): Thanks for your comment! I'm happy you like it :)

    @ Tassa: Ooo, moraš ga nabavit! ;)


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