May 30, 2010

NOTD: Essie Lapis Of Luxury & Claire's Chunky Blue

My today's manicure sort of reflects the weather and the mood I'm in - rainy and blue :)

I'm wearing Essie Lapis of Luxury from their Resort Collection, 3 thicker coats (grrr, this one is runny and after two coats totally un-even) and on my ring finger is Claire's Chunky Blue (blue polish with gorgeous blue shimmer and silver glitter in it), 2 coats (thank you, Tiffani).
See, I didn't even go for layering this time... Well, only my ring finger has something blingy on it, but that doesn't count... *lol*

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Song of the day: Billie Myers - Kiss the rain

May 28, 2010

NOTD: Essie Splash Of Grenadine With Sinful Colors I Miss You & Monthly Contest Winner

I meant to post this yesterday evening but somehow didn't get to the computer.

I made this manicure yesterday and it's still on my nails. I'm wearing two thicker coats of Essie's Splash of Grenadine from Resort Collection, because this one is a bit runny.

Of course, I *had to* add something sparkling on top... :D I picked out Sinful Colors I Miss You (it was part of my swap with Tiffani):

Photos were taken outside, under strong sunlight.


And now, let's move on to the more important business :))

The winner of Monthly contest - May is...

Congratulations! I will send you e-mail right away.

To all the other readers - June will be here in no time and so is next monthly contest ;)

Thank you for stopping by!

Song of the day: Blondie - One way or another

May 24, 2010

Swatch: Avon Golden Dream

I've got a request from my reader, liloo, to do a swatch of Avon Golden Dream nail polish.
I use this one only for layering over creme finish polishes, because it's a clear base with golden micro glitter and on it's own is nothing special. But layered over other polishes looks amazing.

It's almost hard to noticed that I even have anything on my nails, it only gives them sort of golden flash. Here it is, 2 coats:

Thanks for looking!

Song of the day: Vlado Kreslin - Z Goričkega v Piran

"Tožne misli o vsem kar je že bilo,
nekaj o smislu in o minljivosti,
pa o tem,
da sem si sam največji problem."

May 23, 2010

NOTD: Avon Golden Dream Layered Over Bermuda Breakaway

You know me, I couldn't leave China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway just like it was... So, I've added one coat of Avon Golden Dream. It's a clear base with golden micro glitter.

Here is the result:

Thanks for looking!

Song of the day: Beck - Loser

Current Giveaways

There are some great giveaways going on right now around the globe and I've decided to try my luck :)


Sarah from Glossicious is hosting awesome giveaway. The winner gets to pick either MAC or Luscious products. It ends June 30.


Jellynat is having Spring Little Giveaway with H&M nail polishes. Ends June 10.


Lucia from Lululooks is throwing Giveaway with Konad goodies. It ends June 15.


Diana from Pulbere de stele & vise is having Starry giveaway. You can win postcards and earrings. Ends May 27.


Michelle from The lacquer files is hosting Helmer giveaway. Ends May 31.


Diana from Painted lady fingers is having a Spring Beauty, Spring cleaning giveaway with nail polishes and more to win. Ends May 25.


Helena from XOXO Parisky is throwing Essence Be nail artist giveaway. Ends June 11.


Good luck! ;)

May 21, 2010

NOTD: China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway And Other Goodies From Swap With Tiffani

When I came home yesterday, there was a package from USA waiting for me on our kitchen table. Of course, I dropped everything and started to unwrapping the hidden goodies. The package was from lovely Tiffani from Yardstick 4 Lunatics. She was so kind to offer me the opportunity to do a nail polish swap with her.

Here is the picture of treasures that were in Tiffani's package. The only thing missing on this picture is a pastry, called MoonPie. I ate that immediately *lol*

I'm wearing China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway - beautiful dark blue creme shade. I used two coats, no problems with application. This one was part of the swap with Tiffani.

Photos were taken outside, cloudy weather:

Thank you, Tiffani for shortening my wish list! :D

Song of the day: Bon Jovi - Livin' on a prayer

May 20, 2010

Monthly Contest - May

As promised a while ago, here is my first mini monthly contest for you. I like to give presents, it's fun :D

Here is the prize:
- Essence Crazy Me nail polish from Crazy about Colour TE;
- Alverde duo e/s in Green Dream
- Essence Image Plate 02 Style it up!

Rules are simple:
- Be a follower.
- Leave a comment saying whatever you like and please, leave your e-mail.
- Open internationally.
- Ends on Thursday, 27 May at 20:00 (GMT +01:00)

May 18, 2010

NOTD: OPI Sweet As Annie-thing!

I haven't worn red nail polish for quite some time now. I don't know why, because I love reds...

This one has been on my nails since yesterday - OPI Sweet as Annie-thing! Beautiful and bright red shade with subtle red and gold shimmer. I used 3 very thin coats.

Photos were taken outside under weak sunlight. You can click on each photo, if you would like to see the shimmer in it :)

Sorry for so many pictures, but I like this shade a lot. *blush*

Song of the day: Robbie Williams - Monsoon

May 13, 2010

NOTD: Color Club Wild At Heart

Yesterday we had like 2 minutes of sunny weather and I was painting my nails like crazy with this beautiful holographic polish. Then I ran out and took some photos. Well, I got out just in time to take two or three pictures and then it started to rain. Blah...

So, here it is Color Club Wild at Heart, 2 coats, no top coat...

Under last sun rays:

Outside, no sun:

I guess I'll have to repeat this exercise when there will be plenty of sun :)

Thanks for looking!

Song of the day: White Snake - Here I go again

May 11, 2010

NOTD: Essence No More Drama & NYX Purple Ave.

It's been such a boring weather here lately - clouds, more clouds. Oh, I think I see the Sun! Nope, clouds again... And this is no good weather to take pictures of beautiful polishes. Grrr...

Well, anyway, this is what I've got for you today... Essence No More Drama - light lilac creme shade, 2 coats:

Then, I added 2 coats of NYX Purple Ave. on top, which is almost clear (very slightly purple) base with glitter / flakies:

Photos were taken outside, no sun. They are clickable (as always).

Thanks for stopping by!

Song of the day: Simply Red - Thrill me

May 10, 2010

Giveaway Winners Are...

I won't delay and make you nervous with some long post ;)

I asked my mom to help me pick out the lucky winners this time. And here they are...

Set 1:

Set 2:

Congratulations Sara Amorim and Vanessa!!!

I will send you an e-mail right away and if you don't respond in 48h another winners will be picked.


I would like to give you all little something for being such great followers, but sadly I cant. So I've decided to have monthly contest from now on, so hopefully everyone will eventualy win. Stay tuned :D

May 8, 2010

Thank You All!

...for entering my giveaway and for all the lovely wishes and kind words! :*

This will be a bit sentimental post, sorry... Well, I turned 26 today (30 isn't so far anymore) and I feel weird. I don't feel that I'm 26 already, I guess I'm still a big baby on the inside :D

When I started writing this blog, I didn't expect at all that I'll gain so many wonderful followers and readers. And that I'll "meet" so many kind people that are ready to help me find the polishes I want, to do swaps with me, to unselfishly send me presents! You are the best!


I will announce the winners of my Birthday giveaway on Monday :)


I would also like to say Happy Birthday to Sarah from Glossicious! We share the birth date ;)


Life is crazy...

Song of the day: Iggy Pop & Kate Pierson - Candy

May 7, 2010

For Very Special Ladies!

This post is about two very special ladies...

When I got home earlier, I found two surprise packages in my mail. I received my first Birthday presents from two very kind and lovely ladies - Diana and elchy.

THANK YOU! This is all I can say and it is from bottom of my heart. You really made my day. I will definitely wear the items you sent me on my Birthday :)

For now, here are two daisies - one for each of you, girls :*

But I hope that one day I can do something to return your kindness!

You rock, Diana & elchy! :D

May 3, 2010

NOTD: OPI Meet Me On The Star Ferry

I'm wearing OPI Meet Me on the Star Ferry from their Hong Kong Collection. It's kind of plum shade with brown undertones, so I could probably call it mauve colour.

This one was on a sheer side, so I had to use three coats to even out the application. Altough this is a shimmery colour with green, red, gold, pink shimmer in it, it leaves slightly visible brush strokes behind and it looks a bit metallic. But with a layer of top coat all the brush strokes were gone.

Maybe the colour isn't that special, but this shimmer in various colours makes this polish something special in real life.

What do you think?

Song of the day: Lenny Kravitz - Again

May 2, 2010

Once Again, Giveaways!

As said in the title - once again, lots of giveaways! :D


Gladys from Nail Fanatic is hosting 200 Followers Giveaway. It ends May 22.


Helena from XOXO Parisky is throwing 100 Followers Giveaway. It ends May 10.


Ana Rita from Let's Talk About... Beauty is hosting her 3rd Giveaway. It ends May 15.


Laura from Laura's Blog is hosting 130 Followers Giveaway. It ends May 14.


Deniz from Emerald Sparkle is having her 500 Followers Giveaeay & Contest. She's giving away the newset 8 Konad plates. Giveaway ends May 31.


Leah from Gwendolyn Loves is hosting 100 Followers Giveaway. It ends May 23


elchy from Elchy's Blog is having her first giveaway. It ends May 14.


Thanks for stopping by and good luck, if you're participating in any of these giveaways! :)