October 29, 2010

NOTD: OPI My Private Jet

This one has been seen over million times I guess...

I have a brown-ish version that is (sadly) just slightly holographic. But otherwise it's a nice polish and it was easy to work with. I applied 2 coats:

Happy Halloween to all of you who celebrate it and have lots of fun over the weekend! :)

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October 26, 2010

NOTD: OPI Over The Taupe & The 2nd Winner Is...

Currently I'm wearing OPI Over The Taupe. It's a brown/grey or taupe type of colour with creme finish. We can see a lot shades like this around lately.

About the formula - it was a bit runny and I thought I'll have to use at least 3 coats, but then I managed to get away with two thicker coats.

Here it is, picture was taken outside:

Are you a taupe fan or not? :)


Who is the winner of the second "Mini Blog Anniversary Giveaway"?

Congratulations, April! :D I'll contact you for your address.

Thanks for stopping by!

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October 22, 2010

NOTD: Just Rock It, Hottie!

If you were wondering about the title - for my today's manicure I used Essence Just Rock It! and Sinful Colors Hottie :D

Here is Essence Just Rock It! from Colour&Go line, one coat:

Then I've decided to do some layering, because I haven't done it in a while. I've added one coat of Sinful Colors Hottie on top:

Like it? Not?

Have a nice weekend! :)

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October 21, 2010

Monthly Contest - October = Blog Anniversary Giveaway

While I was working very hard to get to the bottom of my big jar of Nutella this morning, I spotted that today is already October 21st and that I haven't organised Monthly Contest for October yet. So here it is today :) But since is also my Blog Anniversary Month I also called it (another) Blog Anniversary giveaway :)

I did managed to get to the bottom, in case you had any doubts...


And here it is Monthly Contest/Giveaway! This time you can win:

- Barry M Nail Paint in Lavender Blue
- Barry M Nail Paint in Indigo

Rules are again very simple:
- Be a follower.
- Leave a comment saying whatever you like and please, leave your e-mail.
- Open internationally.
- Ends on Thursday, 28 October at 20:00 (GMT +01:00).

Good luck! :)

October 18, 2010

NOTD: OPI Bastille My Heart

Finally some NOTD post again! I haven't been wearing OPI polish since...huh, very long time I guess.

Today you'll see OPI Bastille My Heart from their Fall 2008 - French Collection. It's a deep and darker red/berry shade with fine and subtle shimmer in it. This polish was so easy to work with, very smooth and even application. I used 2 coats.

The weather here is horrible lately, no sun, overcast and fog is all we get to see... Due to this kind of weather it's really hard to take decent pictures and that's why, you can't see the shimmer in this shade.

Today I uploaded bigger picture than usual, because when I was going through some older posts of mine, some pictures seemed so small.

Do you like the bigger pictures, or should I stay with the size I used before? Please, let me know, it would be very helpful to me!

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October 17, 2010

Blog Award, Chocolates & The Winner

How are you these days? I'm quite moody lately...


Beautiful Sarah B. at Look at Them Pretty Colors blog tagged me with "The Versatile Blogger Award". Thank you so much! :*

The rules are:
- I should tell 7 facts about myself;
- Tag 6 other blogs.

Huh, 7 more facts about me... Maybe these:
- I'm a morning person.
- I used to collect stamps, pencils, paper napkins...
- I'm short, really short, I'm only 1,55m tall (or should I say short *lol*).
- I love old rock music.
- I'm a loner by nature.
- People who don't know me, usually don't get my sense of humor.
- I have good memory for faces, but I usually forget the names very quickly.

Now I have to tag 6 bloggers...
- Ana na S
- http://www.beautyaddict.net/
- Binaras Blog
- Martian Delights
- Serious stuff about...
- Spooky Nails


While I was checking your entries for the 1st Anniversary (mini) Giveaway, I took quick picture of the Ferrero Rocher chocolates and then immediately ate them :D



And here is the winner of my 1st Anniversary (mini) Giveaway:

Congratulations, nihrida! I'll e-mail you asap.

There is still the 2nd giveaway going on and there will be some more! So stay tuned! :D

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October 14, 2010

Some Random (Fall-ish) Thoughts & Mini Giveaway (II)

Do you remember the Tulip Tree in front of our house and the way it looked like about 2 weeks ago?

Well, this is how it looks now:

The other thing I like about the Fall, beside the fact that the trees are chainging their leaves and everything is in such beautiful colours, is chestnut. I love roasted chestnut. Yummy! These are still waiting to be roasted :D


I would also like to thank to a lovely Ulmiel at Did someone say nail polish? blog for giving me two blog awards - Sunshine Award & Happy 101 Award. I have already received them before, but thank you anyway, I really appreciate it! :)


If there is anybody out there willing to do a swap with me, let me know! My e-mail is written on the About Biba's B. Corner & Contact page :)


And here is also the second mini giveaway as a part of the celebration of my 1st Blog Anniversary!

This time you can win:
- Catrice nail polish in 070 Caught On The Red Carpet;
- Essence nail polish in 01 Jungle Drum (Return to Paradise TE).

If you would like to enter, just say so in the comment section :)
- Be a follower.
- Leave a comment saying you would like to enter and leave your e-mail.
- Open internationally.
- Ends on Thursday, 21 October at 20:00 (GMT +01:00).

Have a nice day! :)

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October 9, 2010

NOTD: Sinful Colors Buster's Brown

How are you doing?

Just a short post today. I'm wearing Sinful Colors nail polish in Buster's Brown on my nails for the last couple of days. This one is very interesting - in the bottle looks like a brown shade loaded with golden shimmer, but on the nails it looks somehow very reddish. I just couldn't decided wheter I should filed under red or brown. Hmmm... So I filed it under both *lol* What do you think?

I like it anyway, I think it's a great colour for Fall :)

Picture, 2 coats:

Hope you're having a nice weekend :)

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October 7, 2010

Something For Me, Something For You!

How are you today?

Yesterday I started with my Italian class. I have already learned Italian for two years, but that was way back in high school. I'm really excited about it :)

On the other side, I've been feeling really bad lately. I don't know why, but my back (lower and upper part) is killing me. It doesn't matter, if sit, stand or do something, my back hurts :S I sound like an old lady...

Well, enough rambling. I just wanted to show you two pretty necklaces I've bought the other day and Jillian Dempsey for Avon Celestial Blush in shade Heavenly Nude (it's the only shade that is available in our country, so I don't even know, if they are any others).

Here are the necklaces:

And the blush:

What do you think?


As promised, here is something for you too :) It's a first mini giveaway as a part of my Blog Anniversary celebration.

You can win:
- Joy nail polish, Nr. 77;
- Essence Eclipse LE e/s in 01 Werewolf or Vampire?

If you would like to enter, just say so in the comment section :)

- Be a follower.
- Leave a comment saying you would like to enter and leave your e-mail.
- Open internationally.
- Ends on Thursday, 14 October at 20:00 (GMT +01:00).

Thanks for stopping by!

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October 5, 2010

Anniversary NOTD: L.A. Girl Rockstar - Punk

Wow! It's already been a year since I've started this blog...

At this occasion I would like to thank you all - for following me, for your kind comments and nice words. I've met some really great and sweet people here, in this blogging community. So, THANK YOU! :*


On my nails today is L.A. Girl Rockstar nail polish in Punk. It's a pretty duochrome shade - it's a dark blue base with light blue glass-flecked shimmer and most of the time looks like this, but under the certain lighting it looks purple. The duochrome effect is much stronger in the bottle than on the nails.

On to the pictures - they were taken outside, but it was raining so I couldn't capture the duochrome effect:

What do you think?

Hint: Every now and then there will be a small giveaway hidden in some of the future posts :)

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October 4, 2010

EOTD: About Face Cosmetics/The She Space & Sweetscents

This is only my second EOTD post here. I've deleted the first one long time ago... So, I can't really say how long this post will actually stay published *lol*

The reasons I don't do this kind of posts are (altough I'm huge (mineral) eye shadow fan):
A) I'm no good at doing my eye makeup;
B) I don't know how to take a good picture of my eye makeup;
C) I really don't like to see my face on the pictures - my nails yes, my face big no;
D) I hate my eyebrows.

This is just a very simple day look I often do. Enough talking, here are the pics:

I used:
- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk as a base;
- About Face Cosmetics/The She Space mineral e/s in Cynical Fairy on the inner half of the lid;
- Sweetscents mineral e/s in Jardin on the outter half of the lid, in the crease and a bit above;
- Essence Maximum Definition Mascara.

Thanks for stopping by!

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