January 6, 2011

Blog Awards!

I'm always honoured when I receive a blog award. Just the thought that someone thinks of me, when passing the award on, makes me feel good and very happy.

Altough I'm usually late doing this kind of posts, I always do write them! :)

The first one is the one I should really have done ages ago... Lovely Blusherine actually gave me two awards! She has a great blog and I love reading her posts.

"Best Blog Award":

And "Cherry On Top Award":

Thank you very much for the awards, Blusherine! I really appreciate it! :*


And yesterday I received "The Stylish Blogger Award" from the Antoszewskia at The Colegge Students Nail Guide blog. She has started writing her own blog just recently, so, please, do check her blog. Thank you, Antoszewskia! You're really kind :)

But since I have already received this award last year, I won't be doing the whole post again.


I'm passing these awards to all my followers. We all need a great start of the year, so just accept the awards, please!

I still have couple of tags to do... I'm working on it, o.k.? :D

Song of the day: Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't it be good


  1. @ you nailed it!: I do expect your post about it, you know! ;)

  2. Congratulation! I also love blogging and writing and now I'm kinda busy in My New World. Anyway you deserve the award, I really love your blog.Cheers and more power.

  3. @ Maybe: Hvala, draga! A ta nagrada je med drugim namenjena tudi tebi! Zato želim videti te nagrade tudi na tvojem blogu ;)

    @ kylene_marie: Thanks for your kind words. I'd love to see you accepting these awards too! :)

  4. awww congrats on your awards!!

    well deserved

  5. they are right your blog is wonderful :)

  6. That's lovely Biba! You know I'm new here *looks around and waves* so I'm not so familiar with the whole awards thing or tags, but I'm glad you got them because they are well deserved! *hug*

  7. @ Steph & Saori & Toestthatwinkle! & Ash-Lilly: Thank you all for your kind words, girls! You are all very sweet too! :*

    And as I said before, you should really accept these awards and put them on your blog :)

  8. congrats on ur awards!!!! thanks for passing it to us :)

  9. @ Ash-Lilly: I mean it! ;)

    @ Oreleona: Thank you! I hope you will accept them :)

  10. Yes ma'am! I'll gladly accept them :-)

  11. You so deserve these blog awards Biba!
    Happy New Year to you and your family!


Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate it :)