January 13, 2011

Nail Mail From Brazil :D

Recently I had an opportunity to do a swap with lovely Sarah at Them Pretty Colors. I've been really excited about our swap, because she offered to send me some of Sancion Angel holographic polishes. How cool is that?

Wanna see what I've received? ;)

Sancion Angel in Ariel and Morgana:

Sancion Angel in Neytiri and Luna:

And she also send me an extra - Hits Specialitta polish in Manaca:

Thank you very much, Sarah! :*

Song of the day: Rainbow - Since you've been gone


  1. ajme,ovi angel lakići predobro izgledaju...i ja bih takve :-)

  2. @ nail crazy: Zdaj mora samo še sonce sijati, da bodo še lepše izgledali! :D

  3. Ajme ajme.. u zadnje vrijeme svi samo pokazuju neke holo lakove a meni sline cure na sve strane.. ajme koja ljepota.. :)))

  4. Yay ;)

    I want to see them swatched on ya!
    Hope you like to wear them!

  5. @ Lalica: Hihi :)

    @ Sarah B.: I'm just waiting for some sunshine, so they can shine in all their glory! :D

  6. you need one follower and we will have the same number :P

    nice swap :D

  7. please do some swatches!!

    Oh btw, and i have your nail polish!! *wink* Ive also pick up a china glaze FYI, i dont know if you are interested in it or not.

  8. @ sabbatha: Hehe, really? :)

    @ Silence is Loud: I sure will do some swatches! I'm just waiting for some sun to show up :)

    Really? You got it? Wiiiii! :D I will send you an e-mail later, so we can arrange all the details :)

  9. @ Jackie S.: I like it the most :)


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