February 8, 2011

I Got Myself A New Pair...

No, I didn't buy a new pair of shoes. Shoes aren't really my thing.

No, I didn't get a new pair of boobs either. Mine will just have to do.

I got myself these:

A new pair of earrings :)

I found this Slovenian jewelry designer called Teta Bina and she has some really lovely and unique pieces. This is her FaceBook page. But she has an Etsy shop too, if you are interested in buying something or simply browsing the prettiest little things.

Have a nice day!

Song of the day: Aerosmith - Walk this way


  1. @ jbrobeck: :D

    @ Andreia: Aren't they? :)

  2. Luštni. Sem šla pogledat njeno stvar, res izdeluje zanimive stvari.

  3. @ Taya: A ne da? Meni so njeni izdelki zelo všeč <3

  4. Imam eno njeno ogrlico. Full lepe izdelke ima <3

  5. So cute! Are the lilac balls around the outside soft? They sure look like it.

  6. @ Ana: Joooj, niti mi ne omenjaj ogrlic, ker bi kar vse imela, ki jih vidim v njenih albumih *lol*

    @ KarenD: Yes, they are soft :) They are made out of wool I'd say.

  7. OMG, these earrings are absolutely adorable!!!!

  8. @ Silence is Loud: Adorable is the word! :)

  9. preslatke su, obiskala sam i etsy shop i ima stvarno ludnica stvarčica :-)

  10. @ nail crazy: Ja, Teta Bina ima same krasne izdelke... In jaz bi jih vse imela! *lol*


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