February 19, 2011

NOTD: BB Couture Dragon's Breath

Hi there! :)

I had such a busy week... I got up at 6 a.m. every morning and got home around 8 p.m. So the only thing I did when I got home was taking a shower and went straight to bed. I'm pretty much exhausted.


We are here because of the nail polish, though. I know. And I got a pretty one for you today! So keep on reading :D

I got my very first BB Couture polishes couple of weeks ago and I was super excited about them!

Wanna see which two I got?

BB Couture Man Bug & Dragon's Breath


I'm wearing a Dragon's Breath right now. And I must say this polish is fantastic! It's a berry (it's between red and purple) jelly-like base packed with multi-coloured micro-glitter in it. This polish is so sparkling when sun hits the nails, that I just couldn't stop looking at it while I was taking the pictures.

Click on the photo to see the glitter that sparkles in there:

Little something about the name "Dragon's Breath" - what kind of dragon has a breath like this? I didn't even have to think twice... It must be that lady dragon from The Shrek! :D What do you think?
Have you watched Shrek? I've watched for about hundred times *lol* I just love Shrek movies and Donkey is my favourite character.

Thanks for stopping by!

Song of the day: AC/DC - TNT


  1. It's quite a pretty colour actually ! Don't know what took them to call it Dragon Breath... makes me think of bad smells lol !

  2. Gorgeous!! I think it could only be the breath of that dragon, lol.

  3. wow, prelep je stvarno. Takodje jedva cekam da vidim swatch Man Bug-a :)

  4. Prekrasno :)
    Jedva čekam vidjet Man Bug ;)

  5. waw prekrasen je! in itak da ti tudi ful paše =)

  6. oh ovo je jedna veoma zanimljiva crvena :)

  7. Oh, pretty! I think it looks so much better in the bottle though.

  8. @ MartianDelights: Ugh, I haven't thought about bad smell before... You got a point here *lol*

    @ AmyGrace: Yay! :D

    @ hermetic: Man Bug že čaka, da pride na vrsto ;)

  9. @ Lalica: Man Bug bo zagotovo naslednji NOTD :)

    @ Makeup and more: Se strinjam! ;)

    @ mancina: Hvala! :)

  10. @ Lendoxia: A ne da? ;)

    @ Sharon: I agree. It's one of those polishes where glitter from the bottle just doesn't transfer on the nails in big amount. But I love it anyway :)

  11. prekrasno mi izgledaju i jedan i drugi :-)

  12. @ nail crazy: Res sta krasna! Zdaj pa hočem še več BB Couture lakov... :D

    @ Savannah: I agree! ;)

  13. Love DB!
    Thanks for participating in the blogger week sweetie! :*

  14. That´s so funny; I got my first BB couture last week - I picked the exact same one´s! I know have Man Bug on my nails, but can´t wait to try Dragon´s breath.

  15. @ Sarah: Well, I should thank you!

    @ Marie: Really? That's funny indeed! :D
    Great minds think alike *lol*


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