March 13, 2011

NOTD: Way Of Life

The time flies too fast lately... So much stuff is going on now in my life, that I'm barely standing on my feet and I think I seriously need a break from it. Oh, well, that's just the way life is.

Aura Way Of Life, 2 coats:

When I saw this baby on a nail polish sale over at Ars Cosmetica Forum, I didn't think twice and grabbed it. It's a lovely purple shade with lots of shimmer


I know I'm terribly late with the announcement of the winner of the Monthly Contest - February. I apologize for that. I will reveal the winner and the prize tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience!

Song of the day: The Rembrandts - Just the way it is, baby


  1. waw amazing shade love it!
    and hope everything will work ok.. =)

  2. posebna nijansa! stvarno je posebna!

  3. Zelo zanimiva barva. Mislim, da ji šimer daje poseben čar.

  4. imam je i ja i mnogo je lepa... cak je lepsa u prirodi nego na slici

  5. I know what you mean about life...:-) That polish is gorgeous and it's nice to see you back x

  6. I love this shade!
    Completely understand what you said about life...Mine hasn't been very easy for almost a year now...

  7. Beautiful shade this polish ^^ I hope you're well and take a rest if possible :) XOXO

  8. OMG! LOVE this shade :) thanks for sharing it

  9. fenomenalan lak, ali mi izgleda tako poznato - nisam sigurna jesam ga negdje vidjela ili samo jako sliči na neki drugi lak :-)

  10. @ Mancina: Hvala1 :*

    @ Maybe: Lepo povedano :)

    @ Taya: Šimer je vsekakor pika na i :)

  11. @ Makeup and more: Se strinjam! Še dosti boljše izgleda v realnosti :)

    @ Ah-Lilly: Thanks for your support!
    I like this polish too and I'm very glad that I got it :)

    @ Sarah: It's a pretty one, isn't it?
    My life is like a roller coaster for a three month now and I'm just so tired of it...
    I hope things will slow down for both of us :)

  12. @ Saori: Thanks for your sweet words! :)

    @ Sara.H: You're welcome! :)

    @ nail crazy: Če se spomniš kateremu drugemu laku je podoben, vsekakor javi :)

  13. Ne, še vedno nisem odkrila, kaj je posebnost vijoličastih lakov z zlatim šimrom, da me takoj pritegnejo.
    In tako lepo ti pristaja k polti. Fouš sem. :P

  14. I just found your blog - your pictures are great and I'm enjoying reading your posts :)

  15. jedan od mojih omiljenih, stvarno je prelep!

  16. @ Krvava Meri: Mene zlat šimer pritegne v vsaki barvi. I hope that doesn't make me cheap! *lol*
    Pa hvala! :)

    @ GothamPolish: Thanks for your kind words! I'm your newest follower :)

    @ hermetic: Zaradi tvojih slik sem se zaljubila v ta lak! :D

  17. @ Pretty: I know, it's so pretty! :)


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