March 24, 2011

You Know You Love Your Cup Of Coffee...

...for sure, when heart shaped pattern shows up on your cup while drinking this addictive liquid! O.o

My coffee has to be strong, with no sugar, but with a lot of milk. How about yours?

Song of the day: Kool & The Gang - Fresh


  1. Aww, how cute! I like my coffee strong, no sugar, usually black, but sometimes I drink it with a lot of milk for a change.

  2. Thats cute!!! me too, no sugar in my coffee.

  3. Iiii cute! <3 Jaz pa ne pijem kave, sploh. :D

  4. A baš slatko, šta se to samo od sebe pojavilo u šalici?

    Ja moju kavu volim čistu crnu s malo šećera, ali malo malo..

  5. Cool. :D

    I like my coffee strong, with Splenda and fat free half and half. Or sweetened with Torani sugar free syrup. Or as a cafe au lait made with almond milk...

    Mmm... Coffee...

  6. Hi Biba, that cup matches the upcoming "Quite Cute" collection perfectly! ;-)
    I drink my coffee with lots of milk too, no sugar, but not too strong! I need two large cups in the morning before I can even think of anything else! :-)

  7. preslatko :)

    u mojoj termosici nema srca, samo neki oblaci :D

    imam doma kucni espresso maker, pa si napravim u Starbucks termosicu dvije doze kave, dvije zlice secera i mlijeka do vrha, s pjenom :)

    vise pijem kavu radi predobre termosice, nego sto je volim :D

  8. wow i love my coffee the same as yours except my substitute is creamer or soy milk cuz im Lactose intolerant

  9. i tvoja kava voli tebe :-)
    ja pijem bijelu ili capuccino ;-D

  10. @ Nola: I know, it's so cute :D
    I'm glad there are more caffein addicts out there *lol*

    @ Alice: It is a bit strange too, yes :)

    @ Silence is Loud: I can't have sugar in it either...

  11. @ Ivana: Uh, jaz pa sem že kar precej let "zasvojena" :D

    @ Lalica: Da, kar sam se je tale srček pojavil. Pijem kavo in ga zagledam in sem obvezno morala slikati :)

    @ Ice Queen: Mmmmm, I have to try it with almond milk. Sounds yummy! :)

  12. @ Blusherine: *lol* You're right - it does match to this MAC collection! :D
    I need my dose of caffeine in the morning too...

    @ Nikolina: Oh, jaz bi tudi imela en coffee maker doma, še posebej zaradi spenjenega mleka... Zaenkrat si jo kuham v "džezvi" po turško.

  13. @ Oreleona: Wiii, that's cool! :D

    @ nail crazy: *lol* To je ljubezen, ja! :D


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