April 6, 2011

Very Wild And Not So Willing NOTD

This polish is so awesome! Really Wild, but sadly not so Willing to cooperate with my camera... *lol*

I'm sure you know about which polish I'm talking about, right? ;)

It's Color Club Wild And Willing:

I got this one in a swap package from Jessika at Polish Insomniac and I just had to try it on first.

Huh, I don't know how to describe this colour - it's more than a duo-chrome, I could say it's multi-chrome. I can see some gold, copper, pink and even green, when I'm moving my nails to catch different lighting. But most of the time it's a coppery-golden pink, if that makes any sense. It's way to cool to decribe it *lol*

It's a bit sheer, but on my (currently) very short nails (I've been a baby sitter for the last three months - that means constant hand washing, changing diapers, again hand washing... And all that left my nails and hands in a very poor shape...) I got away with two thicker coats. Otherwise it needs three coats for opacity, I'd say.

What do you think? Like it? Not your cup of tea?

Song of the day: Crowded House - Don't dream it's over


  1. I very much like this sort of polish, where the colors change as I move my hands around. They're great for things like meetings at work, when if I get bored I can look at my nails for entertainment. :)

  2. That is hilarious! You are absolutely right, it's prettiest on the nail, not under the camera...LOL :) This is in my un-trieds, I need to grab it! :):)

  3. I fell in love with it immediately after I got it but now I don´t wear it. I think it doesn´t suit me :(

  4. omg definitely my kind of color! -Love it!

  5. I haven't seen a such pretty shade. :) WOW!

  6. Ta lakec je res prečudovit in zelo lepo ti pristoji! <3 Sicer kaj pa tebi ne pristoji? :)

  7. Izgleda krasno, ampak dvomim, da bi meni pristajal. Na meni take barve ne izgledajo ravno lepo.

  8. @ Sharon: So true ;)

    @ KarenD: *LOL* Altough, I agree this kind of polishes can be very entertaining!

  9. @ Jackie S.: You must try it on! I'm sure it would look fantastic on you :)

    @ sonidlo: Oh, that's too bad...
    I really like it on me, because I think it compliments my warm/yellow skin tone very well.

  10. @ FOREVER '92: Yay! :D

    @ Sara.H: Wow, indeed! ;)

  11. @ elchy: Hihi, hvala! :)

    @ Taya: Hvala! Če imaš topel podton, bi ti zagotovo pristajal. Vsaj meni se zdi, da mi je ravno zaradi rumenega/toplega podtona tako všeč na nohtih.

  12. *I am so behind on my blog reading*

    I am so glad you love this polish. It popped up on a swap (or was it a blogsale? my memory is fuzzy) and I knew I had to get it for you!!!

  13. @ jbrobeck: Oh, yes, I love it! And I'm very thankful for it :)

    @ Tassa: Hvala! :)

  14. o.O OMG; tega pa res moram imeti!! Nujno nujno nujno! Čudovit je! Predstavljam si, da če bi ga nanesla na temno zelen lak, da bi si kar nohte pojedla ... multichrome je res moja šibka točka.

  15. @ Ulmiel: Uf, čez temno zelen lak? To pa mi ni padlo na misel... Bo treba preizkusit, kako bi izpadlo :)


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