May 19, 2011

Essence Eyeshadows Photos & Swatches

Some of you wanted to see swatches of the Essence eyeshadows I showed you in yesterday's post. Well, here they are :)

First some photos:

It's Up To You:

Go All Girlie:

Mystic Lemon (not very holographic I'm afraid):

Swatches (without any base):

I bought these to use them as highlighter and blush - I read it on one beauty blog that these can be used for such purposes. And Mystic Lemon is supposedly very very similar to NARS Albatross.

Song of the day: Prince - When doves cry


  1. Hej, Biba, tole je pa že malo ''creepy''. Ravno danes sem nameravala objaviti svoje swatche Mystic Lemon. XD Očitno bereva iste bloge, tudi jaz sem si kupil ML za namene highlighterja... danes sem ga že uporabila in se odlično obnese. No, post pa kdaj drugič. =)

  2. @ Nihrida: Ahahaha! XD

    Ti kar objavi svoje slike, itak so verjetno dosti boljše od mojih ;)

  3. Kaj pa blebetaš... tvoje fotke so super. So senčke res takšne kot v trgovini. :)

  4. Hvala za swatche. Senčke izgledajo zelo zanimivo.

  5. @ Nihrida: Heh...

    @ Taya: Ni za kaj! Upam, da so ti bili kaj v pomoč ;)

  6. super su, nisam sigurna da li kod nas ima ovih boja, ali sutra idem da proverim,,, i ja sam procitala na cak nekoliko blogova to za mystic lemon!

  7. "It's up to you" looks really interesting! Will look great as a blusher, I'm sure, but also as an eyeshadow!

  8. We were looking at the Essence display today and some of the newest e/s are great. Apart from the Albatros dupe, which is not that holographic, there's a light green e/s -not marked as holographic- that certainly is holographic.
    I'd use them as highlighter and blush too.

  9. @ Makeup and more: Upam, da jih najdeš! :)

    @ Phyrra: They are, especially with this price tag ;)

  10. @ Blusherine: I like this one the most. I really hope it will work as a blush...

    @ marox79: Really? I must check out that shade! Thanks for mentioning it :)


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