June 24, 2011

Biba & Fake Lashes?

I was contacted by KKCenter HK, if I would be prepared to do a review for them and I agreed. Few days ago I received these in my mail - ES 10 Pairs Clear Band Dense Fake Lashes:

Here is what is said about them on KKCenter HK page:

"Lots Of 10 Pairs

Brand New In Retail Packaging

Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And Attractive

Can Be Re-use If You Take Them Off Carefully

False Eyelash With Box Package

Suitable For Any Personage

Can Be Used Party Or Professional Make Up

Visit Our Website For More Style And Cosmetic..."

Do you think I'm up for this challenge?

***Disclosure: The product in this post was sent to me by a company or PR for consideration.***


  1. daj slikice na očima! super mi izgledaju ovako u kutiji!

  2. @ Maybe: Bom poskusila naredit kak make up z njimi - bo pa to zame prvič, da bom uporabila umetne trepalnice :)

  3. Zakon, jaz svoje še čakam. So bolj odpuljene od tvojih, ampak bi jih zelo rada videla v MU akciji! Imam pa jaz tudi mičkeno treme pred reviewjem, prvič bom uporabila umetne trepalnice.

  4. @ Ulmiel: No, torej sva pred istim "problemom" :)

    Katero lepilo pa boš uporabila? Ker tukaj ga ni zraven...

  5. I've only tried falsies a couple of times and was a disaster, with ones looking north and the others looking south.

  6. e baš si zločesta!
    mislila sam da će tu biti koja slika s trepuškama na očima :-(

  7. Biba, pomoje bom kar enega v trgovini kupila. Morda še eno kolegico, ki je že nosila umetne trepalnice povprašala, če mi lahko svetuje kakšnega specifičnega. Je pa malce bedno, da ni zraven lepila, ja. :/

  8. I am looking forward to your review on these! :)

  9. ha ha I should receive one sample too ^^^I wonder how do my futur review lol I am not at ease to show me lol And you, when will you show your beautiful eyes with these Fake lashes ?? kiss Biba

  10. @ Saori: I'm still gathering courage to apply false lashes - I have never done that before...

  11. ha ha lol neither I, it's a real new thing for me too ^^

  12. @ Saori: Hehe! So we will both try something new ;)


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